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Triumph TR6 - back in the clutches

Hi Gents: We haven't had a good brain twister for awhile so I thought I'd throw this one out for a challenge. About a year ago I had a new clutch put in my 72' Tr6. A month ago it started messing up. I've never felt anything like this in my 40 years of driving.
as I'd let out the pedal the clutch would fail to engage(even as the pedal continued to come out). Then it would release and jerk the car. My mechanic(who's been working on these things for over 40 years)said it was the throwout. To make a long story short, he replaced the entire clutch set-up and even refaced the flywheel. The weird thing is he said he couldn't find anything wrong. Really weeeird! Any thoughts on what this could have been?
J. L. Stein

My guess would be hydraulics, sometimes overlooked and if seals are loose or popping off they can cause problems. Suggest rebuild clutch master top to bottom(slave cylinder also) not a real tough job (even I can do it).
Regards, Keith
Keith Dixon

J.L.-You have just described the "sticky clutch syndrome". The release bearing sleeve binds on the front cover snout and the clutch is slow to release. There is a good article on the subject on the Buckeye
Berry Price

My guess is the taper pin was broken (I hate those pins) which allowed the fork to move a bit on the shaft when the clutch was "released". It still worked, but the fork was pushed back and engaged at the end on pedal travel - where you weren't used to. It happened to me.

The mechanic probably just told you he found nothing wrong to avoid any arguement about installing a new clutch. Or perhaps I'm in a cynical mood today...

Brent B

Berry, you just hit the old nail directly on the head. I went to the Buckeye Triumph site and read the link. Fit to a tee. Ran a copy for my mechanic. I guess you're never too old to learn. Thanks.
J. L. Stein

I have had the same problem so I read the Buckeye site and I am about to remove the gearbox,I shall renovate the whole system while I am there.Three cheers to the Buckeye site, I will then look up how to solve a bad back.
b Wallbank

Nelson Riedel, the author of the tech articles on the Buckeye site has a great sense of humor and sometimes rates jobs like removing&replacing the trans., by the required number of vists to the chiropractor.
Berry Price

Can you blame him, this working on cars is hard work but the pleasure makes up for it when your out on the open road(preferable without her indoors)and you are giving the 6 a right old thrashing.
b Wallbank

This thread was discussed between 13/01/2004 and 15/01/2004

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