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Triumph TR6 - Back to motor oil - zddp

I'm about to break in a new cam and after reading last months posts I did some research myself. This might interest you guys.
Curt Anderson

have read that page. I thought I posted a link to it here. Maybe not. Like I have said...a little EOS will make your baby happy.

A point to note: ALL the info on oils and what amount of ZDDP do they have is out of date and not true for oil bought today.

I bought EOS at a GM distributor for $8.00 and will last me for 4 years.
Rick Crawford

Use a full bottle in your first oil after a rebuild. Be sure to pur the contents over the cam and lifters.

Then for every oil change add EOS at a rate of .50-.66 oz/quart of oil = ~3oz per oil change.

I paid $5.51/quart at

YMMV but this is what I use in my TRs.


PeterK, I purchased some EOS on e-bay and it came it pint containers, if you are getting quarts, that is a good price.???
Joe S.

Hi Joe,

#excuse my typo# NOT quarts. sorry.

I think it only comes in 15oz size. But $5.51 IS a great price versus $12.95 on ebay.

Plus shipping from GMpartsdirect was only around $9 total for 8 bottles. That should last me a lifetime.

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