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Triumph TR6 - back up lights

I am a member just loging in on the road First the green circut fuse keeps blowing, second the battery keeps going dead and second when I put a new fuse in and drive the car the back up light stay on no matter what gear the car is in Any help as to where to start looking would be great Dave

YOu have a short. Some of the old timers here will make fun of me, because they walked me through similar problems not long ago.

A starting point would be to pull everything on that circuit and clean the connections really good, using dilectric grease when you put them back together.

Another starting point would be to disconnect things on that circuit one at a time to see if you can isolate the problem.

You didn't give the year, but I think the Green is similar on all. It runs the reverse lights, wiper, windshield washer, temp guage, fuel gauge, brake lights and hearter motor.

There are electrical diagrams on line somewhere, or you can order Dan Masters' book on Electrical Maintenance for TR6s.

Good luck, John.
JL Bryan

John has joined the cadre of resident electrical experts and that's a fact.

Why I can remember when the man didn't know which end of the light bulb to hold. <G>

Jim (ducking)
Jim Deatsch

Don't you hold the goosed out end when you are putting them in?
JL Bryan

Thanks for the responces Mines a '72 but the interesting thing is the back up lights are only on when the car is gear but any gear Is there a problem in the tranny wiring with this I don't have the seat belt sensors hooked up. Just like every over electrical problem this did not happen before I have the electrical drawings but can not find were the problem might be. I did disconnect the wires under the dash that go to the tranny switch and the lights went out. Thanks for the help Dave
dgf Finch

Hi Dave

I think something is crossed between the neutral safety switch and the backup. Take a look at the wires confirm colors as per schematic and make sure none are crossed or rusted to the floor wet carpet etc.

Bill Brayford

Bill thanks for the responce. I didn't think the 6 had a neutral safety switch or could you tell me were to locate it thanks dave
dgf Finch

Just wanted to provide an update on this. Had to remove the trans cover to get at the problem. It seems that after i replaced clutch assembly and fork pin i replaced wires for the seat belt switch and reverse light switch in the wrong area. swaped them al is fine now thanks for any help new problem new thread
dgf Finch

This thread was discussed between 31/05/2004 and 07/06/2004

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