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Triumph TR6 - backfire on decelration

Some of us have been discussing carburetion/choke on/rich/lean issues and more than one have mentioned a backfire on deceleration.

I had that backfire issue as well and, like others, attributed it to a carburation or timing issue.

Now that my carburetion is semi-squared away (the SUs are working nicely now thanks to you all and your suggestions) I went hunting for the backfire issue.

Timing was ducky. Sort of. Rarely it would go out but only for one or two revolutions on deceleration. Surprised? Thought so. It was going 'out of time' under cruising or acceleration as well but the symptom (backfiring) wasn't present.

What was causing it was a break in the high tension lead from the coil to the distributor. Recall that the coil sits very near to the metal fuel line running from the fuel pump. Guess where the coil was popping to ground? Yep, the fuel line.

I surmised that, when the coil fired to ground, that particular plug did not get it's spark for that cycle. Hence, on deceleration, pow!

Renewed the wire set and bingo. Smooth as a baby's ....

I hope this helps someone.

Jim Deatsch

Thanks Jim.

Nice yarn. Yarrr...

Don H

Guy with the leaky dashpots
'74 CF19053U
D Hasara

This thread was discussed on 20/08/2003

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