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Triumph TR6 - Backfires

When accelerating, my TR6 makes backfiring or poping like noises when shifting gears. It only happens when accelerating briskly and only when the revs drop between gear changes, otherwise the car runs great and purrs like a kitten. What would cause this to happen? The timing? The carbs? Can it be tuned out? My wife thinks its cool, but I don't. Help.
Chris Wiebe

Chris--Does this happen also when decelerating? At first blush, I suspect that your carbs are way too lean. It may sound cool, but it also leads to premature exhaust valve failure.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

I agree with Rick, it sounds like the carbs are too lean. Also popping can be caused by exhaust leaks or faulty bypass valves but mostly is carb related assuming timimg etc is ok
Good luck

Thanks for the advice! I'll check it out, I sure don't want valve damage.
Chris Wiebe

Chris--Smart move. I assume you have the stock ZS carbs. Are you familiar with the mixture adjustment procedure? If not, e-mail me offline and I'll point you in the right direction. Rick O.
Rick Orthen

I had severe popping sounds when decelerating and after endless tries of re-doing the mixture, adjusting the timing, I could not get rid of it. My neighbour's kid called my car the 'burping car'

I finally got rid of this belching by removing the EGR valve and have a silky smooth run up and down, no poping and no stumpling or struggling above 4200RPM. Initially I though that I had to much valve float going on because it was laboured above that RPM to get to redline. It was an easier and a cheaper fix than replacing the valve springs which now turn out to be okay.

Not sure if this is legal in Calif or other states but luckily we can get away with taking off the polution crap...which is a non-ending source of problem

I've checked the mixture by looking at the spark plugs and by the method in the Bentley bible and it seems to check out. How does one remove the EGR valve? Just take it out and plug the holes with bolts of the proper size?
Chris W

This thread was discussed between 03/04/2002 and 06/04/2002

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