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Triumph TR6 - Bad Day for MIke

I feel for Ken. What a weekend I had. After waiting 6 weeks to get my transmission back from the repair shop, all disaster hit.

I finshed putting the car back together on Sunday and went for a drive. All seemed good- OD kicking in well. Car running well. Here is the sequence of events.

5 minutes from house- notice fuel gauge not working.
Get gas.
Go for a drive. OD working
Realize temp guage not working either. Stop and confirm fuse blown.
Drive for 60 miles.
Notice OD not working anymore
Stop at Can Tire to get fuse. Install. Guages work.
Leave Canadian Tire. Car quits (dies) on 6 lane road.
Turn on 4 ways. Four ways quit working.
Open hood. Another fuse gone. Install new one and it heats up like a welding rod. Pull fuse.
Can't get car started. Start pushing car up slight incline to get off busy road.
Almost get hit by car that cuts lane change too close and just misses back end and then car behind that car has to slam on brakes to avoid collision. I jump out of way.
Yound lad comes and helps push car to side street.
Try to start car. Starter motor engages and won't stop when I turn off key. Can't stop starter motor. Starter motor now smoking. No wrenches to pull off battery cable. Cut battery cable with cutter pliers I did have.
While waiting for tow, notice laeking fluid on ground. New fuel pump with new diaphram leaking. I had installed it while tranny out for repair since my old one was leaking oil at the manual pump hinge.
Get car towed home (about 10 km). While getting car off tow truck, car rolls forward and hits tow truck. 2 scratches on hood leading edge and left fender punched in just above headlight.

Fuel pump failure was why car failed. Took apart. Diaphram has bubbled up and dissolved. Moss kit. Seems to be being attacked by the premium gas I buy.

Don't know why fuses blowing yet. Need to troubleshoot but suspect I have a short in the harness leading to the rear of the car. I suspect this becasue when I hooked up the tunnel interior lamp, OI hade no power and by tapping carpet near drivers side door power was restored. I have no idea why this problem has cropped up.
Starter motor has done the saty on bit in my driveway before. I had a wrench to pull the battery cable that time. I need a replacement now.
Tow truck driver to pay for body reapirs but I have to get car to biosy shop and this is a great inconvenience.

What a weekend.
Michael Petryschuk

Mike- There was a bad shipment of diaphrams sold . Contact moss

My profound and sincere sympathies!! Just think of the brighter times ahead cause you've had all the hell already!!
Doug Baker

Hi Mike,
Wow..sorry about your for your starter problem I had the same thing 4 years turned out to be the ignition key stuck in the START was midnight and I let go of the key when the car started and never noticed it never clicked back to the run position...I quickly shut it off when I realized what was happening but since I was far from home so I ignored the screaming sound of the starter against the flywheel..after a few mins the flywheel won and all was quiet again. I pulled the starter the next morning and all the teeth were gone ( the flywheel was unmarked)
Had a local shop rebuild the starter for $100.
He said it's commom for old ignitions to seize like that...I sprayed a non-flammable lube in the lock and all is well

Good luck

Charlie B.

Just thought I would update on this as there were a few errors in my information at the time.

Damage from tow truck is now repaired.Paint shop forgot to reinstall bolt on fender and gasket on side view mirrir. Had to go back to get that done.

OD has been looked at and repaired (picked up on Friday night). Pump quit pumping. I guess it was bypassing on the high pressure relief. Hopefully it wil last longer than 60 miles thsi time.

Car was in paint shop from Sept 16 to Sept 20 and at tranny shop from Sept 20- Oct 3 (although it was ready Oct 1- I just couldn't pick it up until Friday)

Fuel pump was not a MOss it turned out even though dealer thought it was. Dealer agreed to new fuel pump. Seems to be working. Went to body shop , tranny shop and back and didn't quit.

Starter motor taken from my parts car for now. I am looking at having my original rebuilt.

Fuses blowing due to hazard/trun signal switch. It was going to ground. I rebuilt switch from the existing switch and teh parts car switch.

The harness problem was just some corrosion on the connection to the interior light- resoldered that.

Now all I have to do is put the interior back together.

Michael Petryschuk


Might it be said that Mike is NOT having a good day/week/month/year as far as his TR6 is concerneed?

GEEEESSS Mike....did you not pay enough attention to her over last winter?

You and Ken need to get togetherr for a good shot of single malt.

Rick Crawford

uuuummmmmm.......single malt......
Rod Nichols

Sorry....I slipped away and toasted your successes! Rick made me do it! Did you check your oil to make sure no petrol leaked into the sump? Or was the leak just external?
Rod Nichols

Hey Rod,
The Glenlivet Distillery has chosen Huntsville (among about 4 other cities) to debut their much ballyhooed XXV year old malt. The tasting is 13 Oct, (5 malts) but as luck would have it I'm on the wagon (Dr's orders to permit some tests for allergens) and am likely to miss this singular event!!!
Doug Baker

Thanks for the suggestion Rod. I did check the oil. The gas leak was external only.


Even though I baby her better than my wife and kids, this is the thanks I got.
I enjoyed double malt, triple malt and more on that day.

Michael Petryschuk

Okay Mike, I feel better already. What a time you have had! My western nightmare is over. Hopefully your shorter but more instense version is behind you too.

Not a fan of Scotch but I can do a good job on red wine, crown royal, appleton estate rum... yada. A guy's gotta be versatile.

Oh yah, you have given me some ideas regards wiring issues similar to mine. I've got a starter relay that heats up, wires dangling here and there, lots of mysteries to flush out. What's this wire for? What's that noise? Where does this go? Who's the DPO that did this? You know the drill...

Ken Shaddock

You know the DPO.
Rick Crawford

This thread was discussed between 03/09/2008 and 08/10/2008

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