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Triumph TR6 - Bad rear hub???

How do I tell if a rear wheel hub is going bad? Yesterday when I got home I thought I heard a noise from one rear hub, so I shook the tire. The tire moved some in and out at the top, or side to side, so I figured the hub was going and needs replaced. This morning everything seems a lot tighter, but I figure that is just the grease cooled down. I plan to drive to the VTR South East regional in 2 weeks, about an 700 mile round trip, and don't want to take a chance breaking down. On the other hand, a rebuilt hub is $300.00. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
Ken Waringa


.........fix it now, or fix it later. Guess which will be the most convenient! A very easy replacement to do.



If I could guess when those bearings are going to fail completely, I would be buying lottery tickets.

As long as everything else is tight; wheel on axle studs and the hub flange on the trailing arm, I would be concerned about the hub bearings. There is no way to judge when it will fail. 50 miles or 500 miles???

Like Dirty Harry asked, "Do you feel lucky?". Me, I have no idea what luck is.


It does sound like a rear hub. Given the criticality of these, it definitely needs a good look and evaluation prior to a trip like that. If you are very lucky, the jam nuts have backed off slightly and you can adjust the bearing preload and be good to go.

To evaluate, pull the offending half shaft. Look at the lock tabs. Are they down tight on the jam nut and the hub spins freely, if so, time for a hub rebuild. If the lock tabs are not and it looks like they may have loosened slightly, remove the U-joint from the stub axle yoke, re-set the bearing pre-load and see how it spins. Is it noisy, does it spin easily? Then it's time for a hub rebuild.

Trust me, compared the results of a hub coming apart, the $300 dollars is cheap.

Ken-The hub can be adjusted to reduce free play, but be careful not to go below the .002" min., however this will not cure a rough and noisy bearing. If you go the rebuilt hub route, check the VTR classified ads under "TR6 parts for sale". There is a vendor (The Axleworks) that rebuilds hubs for $165 ea. exchange and has received many positive comments on this board.
Berry Price
BTP Price

I'm in the process of replacing the bearings on my rear hubs. I noticed a vibration in the rear end and when I inspected the hub, there was grease streaking out from the centre. All new U-joints last year so I recon the bearing was over heating and melting the grease off.

So, new bearings from Rimmer = $113 CDN then I'll get Wilf (East end Toronto) to install them. You would need some specialized tools to get the hub apart and the bearings out, plus, as Berry mentioned, there is a .002" tolerance to be observed. I'll leave that to the experts.

Do it now : and i'll tell you why it will be another
year that i won't be driving to Bronte.
While i was standing under the car when i had it in
for it 1k oil change after a rebiuld, i found the source of the clunk, some one before me for what ever
reason had CUT the rear diff. mount, i figuired i would
replace them before i put her away for the winter.
Well they let go while i pulled away from a light today
as i coasted into the gas station i thanked the big guy up above as i had just flew off the ramp of a major
hiway. hopefully a vender will have the poly mount in stock, at Bronte

M Macdonald

Ken Check out Miller brgs I think that they are nation wide and if you give them the old brg they will match it. I use them a lot with all sorts of weird aplications and find them very helpfull, I would be very suprised if they cannot help and I doubt if it would exceed $100 Clive
Clive P

Thanks for all the inputs. I removed the old hub yesterday and ordered a new one. I figured I'd rather be safe than sorry. I did get an email from Scot at axleworks, but I ahd already ordered a new hub, along with some other stuff.

Thanks again,

Ken Waringa

I spoke with a mechanic about testing for hub bearings:
While at speed, and when you have room, take a sweeping curve and listen/feel for any change from one side to the other. If it changes, it may well be a bearing. If not, it may be a balance issue.
2 cents from BC

Smart man. Glad to see to put a higher than $300 price tag on your head.
While there, consider replacing the UJs.
Also be VERY careful putting the hubs back on the trailing arm. The mounting bolts are ONLY 20 LBS torque. They are notorious for stripping themselves....been-there-done-that. Thank the big guy for helicoils. Now you will have piece of mind on your drive to VTR.

Bryn, How much will Wilf charge you to re and re the hubs?
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Turns out, Wilf can't do the job. He needs a press and hasn't got one. Can anyone recommend an East End mechanic?


Ken and Rick,
NOT 20 ft.lbs, but 12 ft. lbs.! The manuals will all say 14ft.lbs but 12 will do the job and keep that brittle aluminum from breaking the threads. you don't beleive me
then just talk to Fred McEachern at British Auto Sport.
Christopher T.

Malcom and others...I am trying to find out what the cost might be to have the rearend removed and differential mount that is cracked welded. Any feedback or experience with this repair?


I stand corrected and thank you. Agreed, critical torque setting.

Ken, make note of what SteveP said: "and the hub spins freely, if so, time for a hub rebuild." FREELY is the key word here. A good hub should be stiff to turn and have no "hard spots". Good point Steve.

Shawn, Only the dif needs to be dropped out. Say 2 hours to re and re. The dif mounting bracket not only will need welding of the crack but also have, 2 per side, reinforcement plates added. These plates are a specific measurement...not square and each plate per side is not the same dimensions meaning 2 one size and 2 another size. Plate cost??? Welding cost?? Say 2 hours for welding..cost?? I guess it comes down to labour rate.
Experience...ya son did it for me:)

If someone has the dimensions for the plates, please post or send me a drawing. I wish to add it to my TR6CD. Bill Brayford made the plates for me and I did not make note of the dimensions. Thanks

Rick C
Rick Crawford

it was 1999 when i picked up my 74 TR6 from a co worker
who had it sitting in his mothers garage for 20 yr's.
anyways the shop that got it running and certifde also
re -installed the backet.and proably installed the cut
rear mounts and the cost was a total of all work,(they are no longer in busines,however the shop that change the four mounts( $120. for parts )and did the frame on restoration were pretty reasonable.
M Macdonald

Rick, Malcomm...thanks for the feedback...also talked with a shop this am...they want $400-500.00 to do it. parts separate and will be about 120.00.

shawn daley

400- 500 is way too much. You can buy refurbished hubs for 175. Its not that big a job. Even at 90/hr there's no way it could take 5 hrs.

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