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Triumph TR6 - Ball joints without grease niple ?

Im a new member, Carlos from Barcelona, Spain.
Im restoring my 73 TR6. Im doing the front suspension and bought new balljoints. They come without niples ...(please, no jokes).They are moderns (from Rimmers Bros.), so kind of auto-grease.Are they OK for my car ?
Thanks and excuse my english.

Hi Carlos
Welcome to the TR World, to answer your question, the balljoints supplied in the UK nowadays are the sealed for life type and don't need grease nipples, I've certainly not had any problems with them.
It would be worth your while joining the TR Register particularly if your car is an injection model, as there is a lot of good info in the magazine and forum.
R. Algie

Thanks Ron for your reply.
My car came with Strombergs, but Im planning a pair of SU6 (maybe next time three Webers, they look fantastic).
Ill take your advice and will join theTR Register

Welcome and hello.
I have the greasless type also. No problems so far. I miss them though as it would make me fell better if I could grease them.

Also join this forum as there are many past threads on doing the switch to SUs.

This is great, TR lovers from litteraly around the world.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Rick, please to meet you, and thanks for your reply. Other thing that worries me about the ball joints, is that the holes where attach the two long bolts, are a little bigger; I mean, the bolts goes not so tight.
The SUs have to wait a little.

After I got my TR6 this Spring I found a set of tie rod ends that I bought for my TR4A over 20 years ago, which I will be installing on the TR6 this Winter. However, they have grease nipples and were dealer supplied and made by Q-H (Quinton Hazel) and the part # is QR 933. Perhaps you can find Q-H on the web and check with them for tie rods with grease nipples.

Bob Evans

I have a couple of pairs of Moss supplied tie rod ends, made by Quinton Hazell. They have no zerks. Maybe the Roadster Factory has some repros with zerks.

When I was composing my last e-mail I dug out my antique tie rod ends to get the part number. After I sent my comment I picked up one of the tie rod ends and the rubber boot shattered; the other is also not salvageable. Even though they were packed in the box in oiled brown paper, they cracked with age. Pity, because they have the grease nipples. Does anybody know if I can pry the rubber boots off a pair of Moss or TRF tie rod ends and fit them to mine? It would be worth the purchase price to have a set that can be greased.

Bob Evans

Carlos I just installed a set of upper ball joints on the 70 TR6 that I am restoring. They had zerksbut they are repros. I actually screwed up and ordered 2 sets, one from Moss and the other from The Roadster Factory. I am quite sure the zerked ones are from TRF. You could send them an E-mail and I'm they could advise. Good luck! Anyone need a set of upper ball joints, no zerks?
B. Towne

Years ago, I got some tie rod and ball joint "gaiters" from Moss. Maybe still available?

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