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Triumph TR6 - Banging noise from shifter

I need help...

When I am running in gear things are fine but when not in gear there is constant banging noise coming up the shift stick,,,,basically when in neutral the noise is greatest, so much so that I am not running it in case more damage is done.

Its like somthing is banging around from the gearbox--but not sure..

I would like an idea of what to do before I go off to find a Triumph mechanic...

Since, I live in the South Shore of Montreal (Longueuil) can anyone recommend a mechanic (reasonably priced)...

Thanks, TM
TM Tony M

Does banging noise go away when clutch is depressed and car in neutral (car not moving)? Could it be your muffler system is hitting the transmission?
The only thing rotating in a transmission when in neutral is the inside race of the throw-out bearing.
I would have a look at your muffler system making contact with something.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

If you want a free 2nd opinion, e-mail me. I'm in Brossard.

Don Elliott, 58tr3a at videotron dot ca
Don Elliott

This thread was discussed on 28/06/2006

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