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Triumph TR6 - BC to ON in a TR6... Top 10 spare parts?

Hi fellow 6 owners...

I am about to fly to BC from Ontario and drive a restored 76 TR6 back home. I welcome opinions on what spare parts I should have in my trunk. I'm thinking fan belt for sure and of course there is a good spare tire but as a British car novice and with very limited to zero LBC service garages on the Trans Canada I'd like to be prepared for the obvious other than the odd moose who may want to say hi. Thank you!

Ken Shaddock

Just 2 things
Cell Phone and a AAA card

Finally EH?
Don mentions 2 important travel companions.
I suggest a camera to make it memorable.
I question the need for anything else...after all, it is a fully restored TR6.

I would spend a day in BC just driving around to get a feel for the car and to see if there might be some major issues. The guy who might do any type of "warranty" work is being left behind.
Have lots of fun Ken.

Rick Crawford

Yes Rick... FINALLY! Those things on the list guys thanks and I do plan to take a couple of days in BC Rick to flush out any bugs. The chap doing the work has 3 extra weeks from its ready date of July 31 so I've asked that he too test the car thoroughly and repair anything that pops up. He would have done this anyway I'm sure but being thorough is good. I should take a list of the gas stations adding ethanol too right?
Ken Shaddock

Don't forget your favorite single malt! Celebration is in order! Congrats.......
Rod Nichols

Rod- Did you see the boat anchor post. Doesn't look good for the ATDI

In addition to the phone, camera, fan belt (or universal repair kit) and AAA card, I'd certainly recommend an AMX or VISA card (just in case).

Among the top ten tools of all time are, of course, duct tape, #1 and a big rock along side the road, #10, with various others in between, none of which the airlines are apt to let you take, but you may decide to make a purchase or three in BC before heading back. Radiator hoses come to mind, or maybe a universal repair kit. The usual minimum hand tools, pliers, adjustable wrench, assortment of screw drivers, vice grips, a small socket set, some typical fasteners and a set of open end/boxed in spanners. I'd have several containers, quarts or whatever of relevant POL.

While you're at it, throw in a blanket or two, couple pair of work gloves and maybe a ground cloth if not too bulky. Don't forget the jack and handle and lug wrench.

Lastly, for me, don't know about y'all north of the border, but I'd call upon our 2nd amendment and make very sure (IAW applicable regulations, of course) that I was able to properly address whatever situation might arise along the way.

Steve Pike could chime in with more specifics, but were it me, these are the things I'd consider taking along.

Oh, and maybe an umbrella!!

Have a wonderful trip and keep us posted on your progress.
Doug Baker

Ken-I would go with Rick's suggestion of spending a day or so in BC racking up a few miles while still being close to help. Nothing builds confidence in a car better than driving it. I recently read an article about preparing for a coast-coast run and the author recommended driving a couple hundred miles over the course of a month to expose the gremlins.
Doug-I think if you got caught packing in Canada, the only time you would see a TR6 would be a photo in a prison cell. Not like living in Orygun where a background check, safety course,and a $50 fee will get a concealed carry permit.
Berry Price
BTP Price

Having done the cross country trek to get a car home (San Jose, CA to Chicago, IL), there are some things you want to bring.

Several quarts of oil, pre-diluted antifreeze, brake fluid, gear lube, fix-a-flat and windshield washer fluid come to mind.
Rags or paper towel.
Toilet paper (just in case!)
Electrical tape.
Duct tape.
Wrench / socket set (cheap sets from Pep Boys, Princess Auto, etc).
Carb adjusting tool.
Tarp (small - say 6'x 10' works great).
Work jumpsuit (a regular one for summer, an insulated one for winter).
Jumper cables.
CB (because there are some areas with no cell coverage - of course that's where WE broke down!)

If you don't want to run around trying to purchase the stuff there, buy it at home and mail / UPS it to your restorer. That way it will be there and waiting for you - no worries!

Of course you'll want a camera, munchies, drinks, etc. We carry a cooler too and it comes in very handy.

Also plan out an itinerary of things you'd like to see on the way back. My son and I turned our trip into a vacation when we brought the TR6 home. We've repeated the 'summer trek' every summer since and have a wonderful time.

Tom Sotomayor


Those Lucas 17/35 fuses are uncommon so I put them in the "Don't leave home without it" category.

The local day or two shake down cruise is a good idea. The rest is pretty well covered.

Steve Pike


Bon Chance my friend and happy motoring. I like the sound of the "get me home pack up". Perhaps you should budget for a small trailer (Gets the Hard Top home) as I dont think all the suggested goodies would fit in the boot. The idea of the malt is a great idea for the evenings to think back on the enjojable day past.

I would like to add my two pennyworth to the thread, and ask that as part of the enjoyment and education to the antique car world, that you (and your good partner, if accompanying you that is)relax, sit down and watch the movie (available from old movie stores)
"Genevieve" starring John Gregson & Kenneth More, this tells the story about two veteran cars driving from London to Brighton in the annual Veteran Car Run (lots of good tips that still can be used today). do not adjust your set as this is B&W 1953.

One last thing do pack a TR6 manual...Just in case you do not have access to the internet. How about a daily update on the BBS?

lw gilholme

I want to add a little more than the 'Single Malt' comment. All the components on the car are new, right? The items you opt for will probably stay tucked in your spare tire well for a long, long, time. Your chances of being prepared for anything and everything? Go back and read the trailer comment, that might be the way to go if you are VERY insecure. If that's the case, don't drive it! Have it shipped! ;)

Now...what I travel with is a basic tool kit I got at NAPA, wrenches, screwdrivers, etc., and I figured a long time ago if I need that 6-point socket to pull the crank pulley on the road somewhere, I'm just as well to get out the cell phone and the AAA card! Spare parts? Points, condenser, plugs, a plug wire, a solid state fuel pump I can splice into the system, duct tape, brake fluid, a quart of oil and a gallon of water. I have traveled about 5000 miles a year in the TR6 since we put it on the road in 2003, and only one time had to tow it home. It was from the Oregon coast in '03 cuz of sloppy machine work, thrust bearing problem terminating in a rod knock. (check the archives) You have a new car, don't fret it, go have fun and DRIVE!!!!!!! Oh, yeah....keep that Single Malt handy for those moments at the end of the day!

Hope to see you and that TR6 on the road some day!!!
Rod Nichols

Man you guys are awesome. I'm lovin' this stuff. This 62 year old Grandpa can still get pretty darn excited about toys & trips and this TR6 is the latest adventure for me. I'll go through the list you have provided carefully and begin to assemble some stuff I could ship ahead as suggested. This is great. My co-pilot (brother-in-law) is mechanically inclined too so we should be able to handle the basics.

BBS: Indeed, if there's interest I'll drop in some progress updates on the BBS for fun. There should be WiFi access to the Internet along the way. I also hope to do a piece for RagTop, the Toronto Triumph Club magazine.

Can't pack here Doug so whoever/whatever will have to deal with a tire iron, a hockey stick, or just a plain old knuckle sandwich! If none of that works I'll feed 'em some of my heart meds. That'll slow 'em down.

More later...

Ken Shaddock

Good luck for a great adventure on your trip. You've recevied some excellent advice here from guys who know whereof they speak. We're all a bit envious, espeically those of us still looking at a carcass rather than a completed restoration! Arrive safely and with a story to share.

Doug Baker

Ken- Really the best things to take are all the phone #'s of the members you will be passing on the way. Stop in to see them and then you can have a little peace of mind as you show off the new toy and can check it out too.
Good Luck

Ken, well this brings back fond memories of when I drove my TR6 back from BC to Ontario in 2003. You have lots of suggestions from others on this site, that I really can't add to. Only to say enjoy, it is a great road trip in a TR. Of course the BC and Rockies are exceptional, but I especially enjoyed the road from Thunder Bay to the Sault, and had many stops for photos. Definately stop at Old Womans Bay on Lake Superior.
Cheers and good luck

'74 TR6
Pete Russell

Let me know if there's anything you need if you're passing through Calgary! I'd love to drive out to the coast and I'd be interested in your BC experiences! You're lucky to be experiencing one of the most beautiful drives around.
DW More


Congratulations and Good Luck in bringing your newest baby home. Might I suggest changing the oil even if it was already done. I assume from the previous posts it's a new engine so keep the filter, peel it apart and check for strange metal bits. Save any iffy stuff for the lawsuit!

1976 - TR6
Bob Evans

Many thanks to all you faithful BBS guys for the information, tips on what to pack, what to see, what to drink in celebration, what movie to watch in preparation and there was even mention of an old woman along the shores of Lake Superior if I get lonely! This is just great guys and a big help. Frankly, I was thinking too much about finally getting this car after two years since buying it and not enough about the sensible stuff I might need.

I think there's a few of you who wouldn't mind doing this trip. A couple of my motorcycle buds want to come out and escort me back! That would mean some long nights and late mornings though. And you're right DW about being lucky in getting the chance to do this run. I've had my fair share of ticker problems in the last 8 years so getting to do this is a real bonus.

I'll take along this old laptop and do some BBS postings re progress, experiences, etc. Best to all! I'll keep in touch. We fly west on 8/21/08.


Ken Shaddock

Probably down in TO to catch the plane. You WILL get this eventually so simply...have fun!

We deffinitely expect updates and pics during the trip home.
Rick Crawford

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