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My best 3 are 1-rear tube shock conversion
2-installing overdrive
3-steel flywheel & tri ZS carbs
*flywheel and carbs installed at the same time.Hopefully new tires will make a huge difference over my coker redlines which have less than 1k on them
ian white

Bigger garage
Bigger Garage


Here are both ways to get a bigger garage:
1, construct more space, and,
2, sell off your biggest project (selling the Cessna is also how I was able to buy the TR8...)


k v morton

Sometimes the easiest way to get a bigger garage is to take in part of the living room or dining room.....

I was shooting for taking the family room, but my wife vetoed that idea. The addition gives me garage space and she gets a deck above it.

I would like to hear more from Ian about his triple carb setup. A friend of mine tried that and then went to twin Mikunis cause he though the triples were too difficult to keep tuned.

k v morton

Ken- E mail me


Tell us what you like about your best mods, and who supplied them.

k v morton

Talk about bigger garage and using the living room.

My mother in law still talks about the time she came to visit shortly after my wife and I were married. We were living in a 6th floor apartment and I had the drive axle, hub and drum of the passenger side rear drive of my 1968 Spitfire in our living room in pieces while I was putting in new bearings in the hub.

She thought I was crazy then and still thinks the same 26 years later.

I tried to keep my 69 TR6 car as stock as possible but

1. I like the leather seats I had custom made
2. The stereo hidden in the glove box with contempoary speakers fore and aft and power antenna are far superior to the originals
3. Galvanized frame- don't worry about any corrosion or exposure
4. The plastic rad shroud and plastic trunk panels replacing the cardboard originals. I bought a 4 by 8 sheet of ABS and used the cardboard ones as templates and fashioned my own.

Mike Petryschuk
Michael Petryschuk

I would also like to add

5. Directing the plenum water drains with a hose to outside the rocker panel direct to the ground instead of between the rocker and the front fenders on both sides. (reduces corrosion risk)

Just basic improvements to the original design
Michael Petryschuk

Ken,I deal with fred at british auto sport here in ontario. He deals with all 4 suppliers,the good thing is he knows who has the best quality and price.
The rear shocks and steel flywheel are from B.P.NORTHWEST.The overdrive was purchased from quantrumechanics,and the triple carbs are goodparts and paltech micropolishing carbs.The rear shocks and springs changed the ride completely for the better!The lightened flywheel with the tri-carb really increases the accelleration,they were installed at the same time.My guess is the flywheel made the biggest improvement,car revs freely.
ian white


Have you found the triple ZS carbs difficult to tune? A friend of mine tried them and went back to twin carbs. I just received a spare engine today that I plan to rebuild over the next year or two. I'll have to consider the lightened flywheel when I install it. I rebuilt my transmission a few years ago, and wish now that I had gone with a 5-speed.

k v morton

Ken,i did have a problem with idle being to high.I finally decided to get help,i went to Britcar(a legend here in ontario)now it runs perfect.If i was to do it over again i would probably spend the extra money and go with a supercharger.I love the look of the tri-carbs, but was not crazy with the holley/air filter look.MOSS told me they went this route rather than the su set up,because it was eazy to set up and adjust?The lightened steel flywheel is a must, expensive mind you and the sad thing is you do not see it.(its a thing of beauty)I was also told by moss that their supercharger works better with a stock engine? In hide sight i wish that i had the 5-speed toyota gearbox.They are bullit proof and i believe they do not have the common clutch problems.
ian white

1: Conversion to SU's
2: Gas Shocks on all corners
3: Electronic Ignition
4: 200 amp stereo :-)

Bob Craske

Bob tell me about your stereo? If you can send pics that would be even better. Thanks Ian
ian white

Bob- that's 4, you need to remove 1. May I suggest the shocks?

Michael, redirecting the drain with a hose is a good idea, but you do know that the bonnet channels still drain directly into the same cavity......
Never make the mistake of sealing this off. These areas have to breath.
BK Karam


I installed that CDN made system many years ago:

Never had any problem...

Jean G.
J. G. Catford

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