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Triumph TR6 - Best source for parts?

I'm new to Triumph stuff (1969 TR-6). Where do you get the best parts, and best price for parts. I have a Moss catalog but the prices seem pretty high to me. I am used to buying MGA parts, and the Triumph parts are a lot more expensive. At least that is what it looks like to me. Am I just looking in the wrong place, or is this the reality of it?
Ed Bell

Sometimes you just take what you can get. I wasn't aware that TR parts were more expensive than an MGA, a 6 is quite a bit more complex in some ways. Moss isn't usually the cheapest, but their catalogs and website are nice. It's really nice to have someone that knows the cars and you can get advice face to face, if that's an option.

Are you going to work on the car yourself? If so, the parts price is really not so important as the savings you have on labor. Parts that you don't have to install twice are a much better deal.

I like the British Parts Northwest website, the guys there will email advice to you in a friendly manner, too. They list a lot of commonly used parts for good prices.

You can compare with Jeff at LBCC....his prices are reasonable

Charlie B.

Welcome aboard Ed-The Roadster Factory (TRF)is my first choice for parts because it is owned&operated by certified Triumph fanatics. Their 2 vol. TR6 catalog is priceless as a reference and the prices are comparable to Moss. They also offer a customer investment program that offers a 1/3 off on most parts and 10% interest, but that is another story.
I have noticed that Chris Roop ( in Pendleton is a Moss vendor and offers a 20% disc. on Moss parts.
As mentioned, BPNW is another good source.
I think you will find that the availability& price of TR6 parts is almost equal to MG.
PTOA (Portland Triumph Owners Association) is hosting the annual drive in at the Evergreen Museum in McMinnville on Aug. 4-6. It should attract a large number of TRs as the Oregon club alternates with Wash. and BC in hosting this event.
What part of Oregon are you in?
Berry Price
Albany, Or
BTP Price


TRF. Living in Canada I pay top dollar for US parts but thankfully,the CDN dollar has improved lately. Among other reasons, wheel bearings from TRF are excellent quality and not made in China. I've gotten some questionable parts from the other big-name supplier including a Falcon SS exhaust that I'm having trouble stopping the leaks in. For almost $600 CDN I expected a perfect, non-hissing fit; not a hissy fit. Everything from TRF has been of good quality.

Bob Evans

Berry, I am in Clackamas, just off of I-205, Exit 12. Maybe my perception that Triumph parts are more expensive is because they are more complex than MGs, and have more parts? I have dealt with The Little British Car Co. and found them to be very helpful in the past. British Parts Northwest looks promising. Does anyone know the web address for TRF? Thanks guys for the good information. Without help, I don't think I would tackle this project.
Ed Bell

Ed, here is TRF site...
Good luck
Pete Russell

Ed-How about joining the Portland club (PTOA) There are lots of TR6 members in the Portland area and some in Clackamas.
Berry Price
BTP Price

I'm surprised no one has mentioned:
He is a moss distributor and has the lowest prices I have found in N. America. Compare $545. CDN for left front fender from Len Drake to $760 CDN from Obsolete parts.

Don Ho


I like Victoria British:


J. G. Catford


I bought my TR6 from Len Drake as did Pete Russell and my buddies, Steve and Dave here in Nfld. All very good cars for the money. I mentioned Len so many times on past threads I figure folks think I'm getting royalties so I stopped pushing it. My motive was to get folks as good a deal as I got. Len, however, is a very straight shooter and Moss parts are generally good and Len's prices are very good. It's just the precision stuff like bearings that I am not impressed with, however, that's not Len's problem. Would I buy more parts from this man. Yes. Would I buy another car from him? Definitely. Can't wait to get the '76 totally finished. I want a '73 - sorry to all you '71 owners out there.

Bob Evans

Team Triumph is located in Ohio and worth a look.


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