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Triumph TR6 - Best summer memory in a TR6

All this talk about winterization....

My best memory was Bronte. Last year my buddy came out to the show despite having a rough time with chemo. This year we returned, the weather was amazing, he had a full head of hair (unlike me!) and on the way home I took a detour to my favourite underpass. There's a sweet spot under the bridge where every sound is amplified. At a well rehursed moment, I laid on the gas and the Monza exhaust let out such a horny throaty growl, it made my buddy laugh and smile for the next 30 minutes, it was priceless.

Great thread youstarted Mati. I travel frequently though tunnels; the Anza's sound incredible through there!

Rick O.
72 TR6
Rick Orthen

Yup, you started a good one. Good memory for you. I agree..winterizing!! MAN!! Unfortunately, we really did not have much of a summer this year.
I got 2 good memories.
1. Bronte..taking first in class and meeting TR6 friends again. Absolute perfect day.
2. The first annual TR6BBSBBQ. You absolutely can not beat the picture of a group of TRs running down the road. Another perfect day.

Mati, where I live there is no such thing as an underpass...heck we only have one traffic light for miles! But we do have a old cement arch bridge and I always do the pedal to the medal thing.
Mati, did not realize that was your buddy you mentioned to me last winter. Looked healthy to me!
Rick C
Rick Crawford

I have a great MGB memory from college, which was quite a long time ago.

It was 1969. I had an early model MGB. A guy in my fraternity got engaged and we had a little party on a school night. The girl brought along some girlfriends, and I hooked up with one of them. After a few hours of serious college style drinking, I and the girl took off in the MG. The next morning, I had a very vague recollection of parking the car somewhere near one of the lakes in Gainesville, Florida, and spreading the tonneau cover out on the grass. I didn't remember anything much after that, but my white jeans had tire tracks across the thighs the next morning and I definitely had not been run over! I never saw the girl again and never figured out what, if anything, we had done. The tire tracks on my jeans puzzle me to this day. Don't tell my wife!

JL Bryan

Well, funny thing is I had very little time with my TR, as Mati knows I just recently got on the road (good timing) But I do have a great memory, that also motivated me to want the car I have. As teen (long time ago) The guy next door zoomed home from colege one summer in a yellow (mimosa 72 with chrome roll bar and duals and OD) He said "hey Marchy (as he alsways called me. Take a look"......So I was way to young to drive. So with his invitation I spent my entire summer that year (as he spent it sleeping)sitting in his car in his driveway day dreaming of open roads. I promised myself I would own day.

Today I own a Mimosa yellow TR6.....far from his condition though.

Memories, In August 2001 our Vintage Sports Car Club here in Thunder Bay did the a circle tour around Lake Superior. The weather was hot and there were about 8 cars. The first night out we went to the Rossport Inn for supper and after a great meal continued on towards Marathon for the hotel. (That stretch of road is just about the prettiest on earth with many curves and hills and views of the lake.) I was driving my newly restored TR3 directly behind a spitfire and as we rounded one particular bend the Spit was visited by the Prince of Darkness (Lucas) and lost all lights for a few seconds. At exactly the same time we were parallel to the mainline rail way and the engine of freight train was opposite us. A turn was coming up and there was a large canyon wall ahead of us. Instead of headlights we suddenly saw the trainís large light shining on the wall lighting up everything. Just about as quick, the train made the turn and the Spits lights came back on. It took a couple of seconds to realize what had happened but it was quite a site. The Spit driver thought he had voltage surge! It was a great trip!
Ken Bittle

I bought my car in Ottawa in late May. My brother drove out with me to pick it up. We had a 4 1/2 hour drive home from there. We were both a little nervous about such a long drive in an unfamiliar classic. Our fears were unfounded as the car drove beautifully.

My brother had brought walkie-talkies so that we could communicate between our two cars. I drove the TR6 for the first 90 minutes or so and then we switched. He hopped in the TR6 and drove off ahead of me with his hair flapping in the wind, revealing his ever expanding bald spot. After about 5 minutes he radioed me and quoted Austin Powers saying "Yeeeaaahh baby!" He was having a blast.

When we got home my wife was waiting in the driveway. As I rounded the corner and came into her view she began jumping up and down with excitement. It was love at first sight for her (the car not me). You see, she had only seen pictures of it up to that point.

My brother shows up at my house regularly to tutor me in the art of tinkering and my wife is always willing to go for a spin!

Long live the TR6!
M. Blakey 1

Best Summer Memory in a TR6. Well, finally driving my own TR6 all Summer after many years of lusting after one is high on my list, however, my car has issues - nothing that a couple of Thou $$ can't cure but I know how a TR6 should drive so it was a little bittersweet. I digress - a gal at work has a hubby with a cherry '70 so I call him to go to A & W for Thursday Cruise Night with me and the other guys. We usually take a few Brit sports cars over there just to piss off all the American Muscle Car types. He shows up in this stunning BRG '70 TR6 & we get to talking TR6. He's got a leaky lever shock & I've done a tube shock conversion so have a new spare lever & he's got most of a steering column with good bushes so we talk trade. He suggests we swap for a little test drive. With the exception of that little shock rattle his car looks and drives like brand new. What a car! He says, "drive it, that's what it's for" so I drove it hard (not too hard) and fast. After nursing mine through the Summer trying not to break the weak bits it sure was nice to give a TR6 a good blast. No Camaro ever felt like that or ever looked that good and I know 'cause I had one - big V8, 4-speed, 9 million horsepower, etc. Next best was when my buddy Dave's red '74 ($20G)arrived from BC & I got to drive his too. Best memory in a TR6? Any memory of a TR6 up & running full bore has to be up at the top of anybody's list.

Bob Evans

1968 TR 250

1977 summer nights. Meatloafs "BAT OUT OF HELL" early pre-release blasting on the radio. They played it all night. In my opinion there is no better TR driving music. Seems to go with the pipes. Bought it.

Drove all night. Many nights. Just doing the heel and toe, dosy doe. Flying through tunnels and over baily bridges. Little roads and shortcuts.

Got caught for aggressive driving once? Prior to radar. Took a minute for the constable to get the idea I was just out doing my job? Same as him in the middle of the night. My passengers influenced him greatly! Once he caught on we became good friends and remain so to this day.

No I wasn't out raising hell. Delivering Pizza's weekends to help pay for some of my 1977 erra toys.

Driving with a purpose is always more fun I think. Plus the little woman can't gripe about you being out all night enjoying yourself?

May take it up again if I ever get old enough to retire...:)


Bill Brayford

Best drive was just recently, couple of weeks ago.
The TR6 had been up on blocks for a month during the only dry weather we have had all season. I was re-building the heads due to some rather aggresive driving
at the British V8 conversion convention in Grand Rapids. Anyway, got everything buttoned back up and headed out for a short, close drive to make sure everthing was working, cell phone ready in case I'm sitting on the side of the road.
The weather was perfect, top down, growl of the engine
sounding better than ever(atleast another 20 HP).
I headed to my favorite local long twisty hilly bit of asphalt known as airport using airport transfers sevenoaks Road.The oldies station was pumping out one fantastic song after another and as I raced north I did not encounter another vehicle for twenty miles except one semi trailer that might as well have been standing still ( I passed him doing 115 mph,the fastest I've ever driven any car)all my problems disapeared for those few miles, the car
ran at 101% and four years of effort I have put into
my baby paid off. The car and I were one thing.
I was sing at the top of my lungs.

I'll probably never have all those elements working
together like that agian. But that's okay.
That afternoon will not fade.
Christopher Trace

Although it wasn't a TR6, my memory is the oldest! You young whipper snappers!

JL Bryan

Driving out to wine country in In a '72 TR6 in the late '90s with a beautiful girl at my side on a perfect saturday summer afternoon.

And turning back only after a third of the way out.

My girlfriend tried hard, but ultimately she just couldn't work the stiff upper lip part of British motoring, what with the engine frying her gorgeous legs right through the fire wall. Six or no, every once in a little while its tough to argue with the rational.

This summer was the first summer with my '73 TR6.

The best memories are taking my 5 & 3 year-olds for rides. My daughter will say, "ride in blue car". My Son thinks the TR6 is faster than my Z28.
D J Guess

Almost all of my best memories are in a TR6. I grew up in the backseat of my Dad's 1971 TR6. I was 7 years old when he bought it brand new off the showroom floor, visits to the dealer were fun too. My younger brother and I would go on trips with my parents, we were able to sit in the back seat with the top up or down. if it got too windy we would sit on the floor and put our heads under the folded top. The TR6 was the car I learned to drive. My Dad would trade cars with me during my HIgh School Junior and Senior Year Summer Breaks. It was mine for three months at a time and I never wanted to get out from behind the wheel. I drove for the sake of driving that car. By far one of my best memories in the TR6 was in the Fall not the summer, my brother and I were with my Dad, the top was down my brother was in the backseat with an umbrella adn it was raining. Everytime we got stopped by a streetlight it was my brothers job to put the umbrella up so that we wouldn't get wet as along as we were moving we were fine. Those are just a few of the memories I have of this fine car. My Dad just started restoring it after it sat for about 10 years. I can't wait to get behind the wheel again.
Pat Bentson

Hello Pat
Have you been lerking and finally posted...WELCOME.
Do you know there are a couple of very fine hospitable gentlemen on this BBS who live in your neck of the woods?
Rick C
Rick Crawford

I just got my 1971 TR6 after yrs of wishing and hoping. Many years ago I had a 1968 TR4A which I had to sell after kids and AAA refusing to tow me home anymore. I have to say my best memory of this summer was driving down the backroads with the sun shining, oldies blasting from the radio and my bride of 37 years by my side. We looked at each other with big grins and our thoughts flashed back to our youth and those rides of years gone by. That is the image I will carry through the long cold winter.
Don Boito

Finally getting mine out of the garage and driving to the British Car show with Brian H...having some "pop" and enjoying the sites...can't wait for next year!
Bob Craske

Well this is not exactly in a TR6. I have been driving TR's since 1972 when I bought a new TR6 (Jasmine)so I have to say I have many fond memories. Most recently Brit Car Day was special as I spent the day with special friends,Brit enthusiasts and had a blast working (playing) at a vendor booth enjoying some car talk with everybody and a little Canada Dry. Thanks to Steve W and Bob C my co vendors for a double top day.
B.R. Horne

I've had a lot of good memories in my TR6, but I hope the best is yet to come!

Driving to VTR meets in Maine, Minnesota, and Colorado have to rank close to the top. Then there're the frequent trips to Canada and Key West which are pretty darn good.

Driving around here in the hills of east Tennesee puts a pretty big grin on my face too. Nothing like tossing a picnic basket in the car and taking my better half to Cades Cove or to one of the many spots along the river for a picnic.

It's like the old ads for Levis - I don't remember ever having a bad time in a TR6.
Dan Masters

This is quite a thread! I have so many memories of my pimento 72 TR6 which I've had in my family since 1979. My parents loaded my sister and I in the back seat and we went everywhere in it. My mom was the one who wanted a sports car and my dad bought it for her. She loved it until is was too much work. It was also the car I learned to drive stick and was my car during high school. No high schooler had any car like it and they always knew when I was around when they saw it. I once had 8 people in it--3 in the front, 4 sitting on the back and 1 on the trunk (never would do that again though!). I even drove it during the winter through rain, snow, sleet..and never once though about how cold I was.

During college it sat outide and rotted in some parts, but after college I had a month before I began my first job and cleaned it up tremendously. It still runs today loud and clear...just needs a lot of maintenance and some body work. My wife is always willing to go for a ride and I get looks whenever I'm driving it around town.

I finally have the $$ and time to really learn how the car works and I'm fixing things I never even understood before. I would never give up my's too much fun and there's always a sense of accomplishment when improving it.
MB Mike

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