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Triumph TR6 - Best tire size for steel wheels

What would be the best tire size for TR6 Steel wheels?
Allen Bradley

The correct size is 185 R 15 which originally had a 78% aspect ratio.

Unfortunately that size of tire is no longer being produced other then by Cokker tire and cost an unreasonable amount ie $325+ per tire US.

The equivalent size (that gives you the same overall diameter and does not interfere with bodywork and suspension components) is 205/70R15 or 195/75R15. There is a better selection of more performance tires in the 205/70 tire ie HR or VR rated which will give better grip and handling than those available in the 75% aspect ratio.

Final note, since the TR6 has large openings on the fenders a 60 or 50 series tires look odd unless you went to the coresponding width but then it would not fit inside the fenders. I've seen many a tr6 with 185/60R15 or 195/5015 and they look like a rollar skate.

I installed 205/70 on my 72 and they fit great, no rub to stock components and fill out the wheel wells just fine I think you could go to a 215/70 at the very largest but Steven is right there are probably more choices at 205. Also for great info check the buckeye triumps web site you will find a link in the archives under tire sizes.
Keith 72TR6
KBD Dixon

Universal Vintage Tire in Pennsylvania sells the Vredestain Sprint Classic in 185R 15 as well a a house brand reproduction Dunlop Sport. Vredestain is a small Dutch tire maker that has been around for a long time. I just bought my second set and am very satisfied. The tires have a very period look, are quiet and handle well. I have only seen limited rain with them but they seem OK in the wet. The downside is they are soft and have a low treadwear rating, probably not a big deal on a limited use car. I paid around $120/ea. or so for the tires.

Good luck. W

I run Pirelli P6000 215/65 - 15
Full size tire, no rubing and considerably
wider so more rubber on the road.
Great in the rain. Reasonable in price.
Christopher Trace

This thread was discussed between 19/08/2002 and 25/08/2002

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