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Triumph TR6 - Birdnest behind the dash board.

Well I did it. I took the dsak board off, removed the blower and low and behold, a veritible birdnest of wires, loose grounds and shorted connections. What a mess. Someone had been in there before me judging by the 1/2 assed solder jobs. Its no wonder the electrics were behaving badly. Once I managed to untangle the majority of it, the logic began to appear and I'm certain I can clean it up. The offending wire (WR)came from the ignition to the rheostat and on to to the illumination lights (I think). The heater ground was also toast but the rest seems in tack. It appears as though the centre plinth had pinched a couple of wires (WR rheo and heater ground) following the clutch job I had done earlier. Another intimidating job I can fix; it shall roll again. I'm hoping it will make it around the block next time!!

Bird's nest ? - You sure your TR6 doesn't have bats in the bellfrey (well at least under the dash) ?

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

Hi Bryn

If you want a nice weatherproof permanent job use heat shrink tubing rather than tape to cover the repairs. Slide on the wire solder it up and hit with heat even a match. I use the internal glue type a little more weatherproof. Any electronic supply store. Make sure you get a size large enough to cover repaired wires does shrink a lot.

Bill Brayford

This thread was discussed on 12/06/2003

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