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Triumph TR6 - Black smoke

Has anyone experienced black smoke from the exhaust mostly seen and smelled when car is on idle. I changed the mufflers thinking this would solve the problem but not really. I am dealing with a reputable Brithis car Shop specialized in Triumphs. The car runs smooth but that black smoke concerns me !
Thanks for your help and comments !
L. Towel

1st "guess," assuming you are not seeing black smoke at other times - if this is happening with the engine hot, then maybe you are running too rich at idle. The Strombergs have an idle adjustment screw adjacent to the temperature compensator that you might try opening a little. Most times this screw will be closed. Be sure to keep track of what changes you try and make it the same for both carbs, so you can return to the original setting if this doesn't help. This could be caused by many other issues as well - are the plugs quickly fouled? Also, The temperature compensator valve could be stuck closed. This is easy to service. I would check this first I think. Good luck.
B Selby

Easiest and fastest way to check for rich plugs....remove # 1 (closest to the rad) and # 6 (closet to the battery) since each one is fed from a different carb it will narrow down your problem. They should be a light tan colour which means the mixture is dead on. Too white = too lean and too dark = running rich
Charlie B.

This thread was discussed on 10/10/2006

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