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Triumph TR6 - Body Panel Removal

OK this is going to sound pretty dumb.. but.
I'm trying to completely strip my '74 TR6 ready for a chemical dip. Everything is out, engine, gearbox, just got the wiring harness out with the dashboard today. The problem i'm having is removing the wings. In the TR6 workshop manual it doesn't cover this, and having spent 2 hours this evening I see people saying they remove them but nothing about the method. I have removed all the bolts along the top edge of the front wings, the three inside the door pillar, and having been searching around and looking at images of removed wings it looks like i may have missed 3 under the headlamps, possible accessed from inside the wheel arch? I'll have a look tomorrow morning. I thing the DPO had the car sprayed without removing any panels, so the seam looks to be sealed and may have to be broken apart. Any advice in relation to placement of bolts, especially for the rear wings (are there any bolts on the underside of the car? i've removed all the bolts inside along the top edge and the ones inside the boot/trunk.. am I missing any inside the post that houses the door locking plate?) would be really appreciated.
Many thanks,
cje williams


On the front wings there are 2 bolts that attach the wing to the front valence and there is a flap on the wing around the headlight area that attaches to the bolt that holds the bonnet hinge. (that is on a vehicle that hasn't had any body work- it is possible yours has had body work, welding etc that may have created other fastened areas.)

On the back there are 3 bolts maybe 4 that attach the rear wing to the B post.

Do not forget about the ones that attach at the bottom (of both the front (3 of them) and rear (1 of them)) to the rocker panels.

Good luck
Michael Petryschuk


Many thanks for the advice, I found the remaining bolts, most of them were bolting together metal that was so rotten I didn't even need to remove them! so the wings are now off and ready for welding,
Thanks again for the help!

cje williams

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