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Triumph TR6 - Body Panels

Well I have gone through the latest catalogues, and my question is. Does anyone know of a Canadian distributer for body panels and frame parts?

lw gilholme

Go through Drakes in BC

They keep prices down, are a MOSS distributor and are excellent source for advise and fair dealing, i rebuilt from the ground up with their support..they also use GreyHound bus shipping to keep costs down for large items (ie windshield glass, exhaust sustems etc)

Len is the guy to speak to, tell him Bob says hi

Bob Craske

Les, you can also check Fred McEachern at British Auto Sport in Mississauga....toll free 888-485-2277 or local 905-678-6479.
He distributes for Vic. British, Moss, and TRF
Good luck
Pete Russell

Thanks for the info, I talked to Fred on Thursday and he seems to be extreemly knowledgeable. I did not see any reference to body panels on the Drake site, however I still intend to contact them.

lw gilholme


Go into Len Drake's website again and click on "Fenders". You'll see lots of body panels for sale for TR6 in Canadian $$.

Bob Evans

This thread was discussed between 29/08/2005 and 09/09/2005

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