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Triumph TR6 - body to frame assy

i am currently mounting the tub back onto the frame of a 72 tr6 and i'm trying to find an assembly print of how the body spacers and fiber washers are placed. any help would be appreciated.
thx, km
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ken morris

Hi Ken

Probably the best is the TRF catalogues there free and well drawn. If you don't have them you can get them here no charge.

Bill Brayford

Sorry missed the reg bit go here sign in and bookmark plus write down your username password etc.

Bit of advice add some XXXs to you e-mail address. I am still getting people from England wanting to sell me cheap smokes. The sight is not giving the emails out but any shown are trolled.

Have fun


Bill Brayford

Keep in mind that after you look at the TRF books, it is not true that if you put 1..2..or 3 rubber spacers on one point that you will put the same number on the opposite point.

Bill, I see you have dropped the e-mail link.
Ken (and the rest of you chaps), I would not show your e-mail as " email hotlink" but instead as "show email unlinked" and add a few extra things to the address for safety. There are "bots" out there that search WEB sites for e-mail addresses and "email hotlink" is what they find. Then you get sold around the world. Hay, you might get lucky and be invited to receive 10% of 20 million just for giving someone your bank account #:)

Rick C
Rick Crawford

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ken morris

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