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Triumph TR6 - Body Tub Off

Hi all,

Does anyone have a URL to information regarding the separation of TR6 bodies from the chassis ?

Mostly want to check that ALL nuts and bolts have been released before getting a few people over to give me a lift off.

Can't seem to find anything definitive in the archive or recent posts.

Best Regards

Bob Blewitt

Hi Bob,

When I seperated my frame & body I used the chassis pictures in the Moss & TRF catalogs to clarify the location and amount of bolts that need to be removed. It took a bit of figuring, but it worked.

I hope this helps?

Happy New Year!

Aivars Berzins

Dont forget to fix a rigid strut across the top of the door aperture to prevent the tub folding in the middle, which is disitinct possibility if the sills are rusted.
Peter Cobbold

Hi Bob
Not sure if there is even a URL out there for this info. There (I am sure) is nothing at this BBS, current or archived, either. What Aivars ( Hi Avairs) says is probably your best bet for VERY GOOD pictorial of the entire TR6. BUT can you get(will they send ) the 2 publications?
Here is the link to TRF
You will find "catalogue request" and go and get RFP228 and RFP231. It appears 231 is currently unavailable and 231 shows the body mounting.
There is 8 mounting points per side of car and one at the spare tyre. The only 2 that might not be obvious are: 1. Rear suspension cross member....rear spring top and front of dif mounting point. 2. Cruciform plate...where the prop shaft goes through.
Hope this helps and have fun
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Last year when I pulled my tub off the frame I failed to record the exact number of shims between the four mounting brackets. When I was installing the doors It was a real pain trying to get the door gaps correct. Also be as gentle as you can with the tub.
Good Luck

When I removed the bolts and shims, I put them in sandwich bags & labelled where each bolt/shim came from. Hopefully this will make reassembly a bit easier. (maybe?!?!)

Also, rather than the "strut idea" I just left the doors on. It makes the tub a bit heavier, but so far it seems to work at holding the body together.

Aivars Berzins

Thanks all for the tips and info.

Body tub coming off soon, maybe !

Best Regards


I have a suggestion.

I raised my 69 TR6 tub off the frame using an A-frame I built from wood 2 by 4s. I used a rope to sling it from the plenum/bulkhead area and rear wheel area (approximate points to balance the tub), doors still attached and a chain hoist to lift it. As long as you sling it right, the body shouldn't fold. The advantage is it allows me alone to lift it and lower it regularly when I go to replace body parts allowing me to get alignment and easier access to weld without having to round up a bunch of friends each time. The tub currently is sitting on a wooden frame awaiting me to finish the frame and suspension work.

The cost of the wood and rope was about the same as a case of beer here in Canada. The only problem is you don't get the social interaction you would get with your helpers helping and drinking the beer. (although staying away from the beer may help with the alignment.)

Good luck with it.

Mike Petryschuk
Michael P. the obsessed TR6 rebuilder.

Hey Mike

First off as the car was built by working class English fellas. With a pub on every corner. I would imagine the original alignment depended on before lunch or after :)

I agree with the cost factor and the available when needed. But I do prefer to sit down at 4 and shoot the bull over a cold beer coming out of my beer fridge. If your buddies are car guys it's amazing what a fresh suggestion can do to clear up a problem. One little fella "MOOSE" usually says. I'll just give it a nudge for you. 6'7 315 Lbs. Inhales a 6 pack but a valuable guy.

Also working on frame off 72 mine 18 years. How are you making out on your rear frame center sections under the cruciform plates?
Did you buy pre-fab crossmembers or have the metal formed and make them yourself?


Bill Brayford

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