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Triumph TR6 - Bosch alternator pulley

Just wondered if anyone else bought a Bosch alternator (the 78 Fiesta kind) without the pulley...and if so, what you ended up using for a pulley. I dread the thought of digging thru a core pile at the local salvage yard.
My buddy at the local Ford dealer says it was discontinued a few years ago, along with the alternator. Would someone that has one measure the outside diameter?

Rod Nichols

Hey Rod. The OD on my 60-amp Bosch is about 100 mm; I can't get a good measurement of the ID as it's installed. I have a Quinton Hazel QBB1125 belt installed.

You may want to email the vendor that sold the Bosch to me:

I just noticed that the Auto-Express price has nearly doubled since I got mine 2 years ago.

Rick Orthen

Both the OD of the pulley and the ID are larger on the Bosch assuming you are comparing to a Lucas alternator. I remember measuring both while I had a Fiesta and a Lucas unit on the bench. I seem to recall the Lucas having a 15mm dia shaft and the Fiesta having a 17mm dia shaft. Don't make any bets on those numbers as this goes back a couple of years and memory could be faulty on the sizes.

Buying one of those pullies new, even through the normal NOS Ford channels is just not possible. I seem to recall the fan being available, but that was it. Best bet would be to go junk yarding for a complete core or making sure that the one you buy has the fan and pulley included. Some sources include those things, others do not, so ask before you spend.

If no luck there, then go junk yarding for some similar type of Bosch unit with the same size and type of pulley such as VW, Audi, small BMW, etc. Who knows, it might even be the same unit, just a different application.

Steve & Rick:

Thanks for the response....My problem was solved by Don Kelly. I bought his Bosch unit, (with pulley), that had been offered in a couple of previous threads. He went with the AC Delco unit, which the Dan Masters Wiring harness was set up to take. I'm returning the pulley-less unit. I was probably going to have a pulley machined, had Don not called Thursday afternoon and saved me! Thanks, Don, now get that TR6 back together, what are you waiting for, $4.00 a gallon gas?
To address Steve's response, the local Bosch distributor said that alternator and all parts were discontinued, (I think they were trying to get me out the door) and nothing was even listed in the books. They did find reference to it in an early 90's catalog. I think your memory was right on, we had measured the shaft on the Bosch at 17 mm, and I know the Lucas was just a little smaller.
Thanks again!
Rod Nichols

Quick follow-up:

The Bosch unit arrived today, got it installed tonight when I got home. Quick test drive, and the turn signals didn't slow down with engine speed, headlights didn't dim with the heater blower on! Life is good. Thanks to Don Kelly, so let's get out the single malt! .....and a cigar????

Rod Nichols

Just went to a new Scottish pub opening up in town. Over 200 different brands/varieties all imported (by the owner)from Scotland. Prices from $8 to $450 a dram. No cigar, but a fine Islay 15 yr. old scotch.
One dram and 2 pints $38. Father lives in Scotland and does the sampling. He decides which ones come over. Another one of those tough jobs:)
Rick C
Rick Crawford

I'm seeking 2 bottles of MOSSTOWIE for an affair on 16 November. Any chance of you checking your sources to see if they might have a bottle of two. Cask strength of course, and preferrably about 25 yo.
Doug Baker

Islay???? as in Laphroaig?????
Rod Nichols

Have you noticed as the weather get colder the conversation tends to turn toward nice malts? HMMMMMMM

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