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Triumph TR6 - Brake Clunk

Hi All - I've recently rebuilt the suspension (front and rear) and brake system in my '73 TR6. I also replaced the front wheel bearings. I'm now hearing a 'clunk' when I apply the brakes. Only happens once per pedal depression and each clunk diminishes in sound as the car comes to a stop. It doesn't clunk when stationary and brake pedal is depressed. Seems to come from the left front of the car. I'll crawl underneath but I thought I'd see if anyone might have a guess as to the cause. Thanks! Chris
Chris Nelson

If you find out Chris let me know. I think I have the same thing. When I depress the brakes there is a noise and it seems to be the first brake press after a long period of no brake press and it only happens when the car is in motion. Had it for years and haven't really investigated it too much. Car stops well. Nothing has fallen off. Knock on wood.

I suspect it has something to do with the brake pads getting a bit cockeyed from rotor turning and when the brake is pressed they realign making a slight clunk.

A mystery to me still. Good luck.
Michael Petryschuk

Something FUBAR in the servo??

Thanks Michael - will do!
Chris Nelson

If something is making noise when it shouldn't, then something is moving when/where it shouldn't. The first thing I would check is if the calipers are firmly secured by their mounting bolts. Next, I would check to make sure that both pins that secure the pads (and the cotters that secure the pins)are in place. If the discs are knocking the pads back there shouldn't be a noise, it will just feel like you have no brakes for a split second until the pads come back out. As for the servo, it's only function is to give a small assist with pedal pressure. It's not attached mechanicly to the brakes in any way and they will function fine without it, although with a harder pedal feel.
Brett Evans

I'm with Brett on this, the first place I'd look is at the caliper bolts. The "bad things" potential of a loose caliper bolt falling out is rather high as in locked wheel where the caliper has come loose and jammed against the suspension and wheel, loss of brakes on the other side at the front due to the broken brake line, etc. Mix in some traffic and speed, perhaps a wet road and it just gets worse. At least on a TR-6 you still have rear brakes. On a TR-4 you'd lose brakes completely since they don't have a dual hydraulic system for the brakes.

I've seen it happen (including the wet road part), it ain't pretty....

All checked on mine and to proper tightness. Still get the clunk when press the brakes after they have been allowed to retract fully and the wheels have turned. The only explanation I can fathom is a brake pad shifting.
Michael Petryschuk

Thanks for the comments guys! I'll check my caliper bolts again and report back.
Chris Nelson

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