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Triumph TR6 - brake master cylinder

Regarding brakes, the TR6 comes with vacuum assist???

The older TR4 had two separate brake master cylinders, I am assuming one for the front and one for the rear brakes, but dont have the large booster attached. Do the TR4's require more pedal pressure as a result of not having the boost? Can anyone provide me with details on the differences between the two systems>?


The TR4 and 4A had a clutch master cylinder and a single circuit braking system. Part of the US federal safety standards mandated that cars would have dual circuit systems, hence the dual circuit sytem on the TR250 and TR6.

As far as pedal effort goes, it is a function of several things. The relationship between the master cylinder bore(s) and the bores of the cylinders upon which it(they) operates and the moment arm effect of the brake pedal. The rear wheel cylinders and the calipers are the same on the later TR4/TR4A and the TR250 and early TR6. The TR250 and TR6 have a larger bore master cylinder, which would tend to increase pedal effort. The pedal set up between the TR4/TR4A and the TR250/TR6 is completely different, with the later cars having a set up that would not be as mechanically advatageous. These things brought together probably explain why the later cars came with a booster.

Having said all of that, I do not have a good feel for that difference.

This thread was discussed on 14/03/2005

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