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Triumph TR6 - Brake parts

Wishbone advertises an OE Girling Master cylinder for $168.00. Does anyone have any experience with this company and might I expect this to be authentic OE?? It's my intent to replace the complete braking system, including the mastery cylinder and servo, but obviously am seeking best prices for these rather costly items. Comments/experience solicted. Also any thought on steel pipes from TRF vrs the copper-nickel from LBCarCom or Moss. Thanks.
Doug Baker

Doug- Are you trying to stay completely OE?
Don K.

Can't speak concerning Wishbone, but can offer one of my common mantras:

Make it real, make it steel


No, OE is not an objective...quality is however and I tend to default to OE when available rather than "after market" until such is proved as better.
Doug Baker

Doug--Wishbone is run by Kai Radicke who is an avid LBC enthusiast. He frequents the 6-Pack boards and I have never read anything negative about him or his business. I would not hesitate buying from him. His price for the MC is lowest I've seen for some time.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

Thanks for the recommendation. You're right about the price. I'll have to ask him about a comparable servo price:)
Doug Baker

I've recently puchased several items from Kai Radicke @ Wishbone Classics, including a Girling master cylinder. The quality of this particular item, as well as every other item, is second to none! You definitely can't go wrong with anything that you purchase from Kai. Moreover, he'll bend over backwards to help you with any technical problems. John.
john eckland

Anyone have his web link ??
Charlie Ballard

here you go Charlie,


Mark Riddle

OK guys, need some help here. Took the advice offered and purchased a MC and a clutch SC from Kai Radicke. The parts arrived as promised, but the MC appeared to have a defect in casting. Here's what Kai had to say...: "The notch you talk about is not a defect, this is something that Lucas has been doing for about eight years now with the TR6 cylinders. I have no idea why and there has never been an a notice about it, the best I can assume is that they decided to merge two sets of tooling together because of a similarity and now the TR6 cylinders have the notch. The notch does not harm anything and is totally inconsequential to the operation of the brake master or the servo.

The "red fluid" in the master cylinder is a preservative that comes in the cylinders. There should be a pretty decent amount about one or two table spoons floating around in the resevoir and the cylinder. This fluid is meant to keep the bore from rusting and the seals conditioned (not dried
out) while the cylinders sit on someone's shelf waiting to be sold / shipped / installed. This fluid is compatible with brake fluid and does not need to be cleaned out.

The fluid is Lucas' way of getting around using red rubber grease. Red grease, like all grease thick and globby, used to be smeared in the bores and on the seals during assembly of the cylinder. Now Lucas uses the more viscous red fluid to do the same job.

You would be surprised how often I get asked these two questions everytime I send out a TR6 master cylinder (although the red fluid comes in all Lucas cylinders now). Perhaps I should have a sticker printed up and stick it on the box before I ship them... it would sure save a lot of typing! ;-)"

QUESTION...John Eckland did your brake MC from Kai have the "notch" and did it present any issue? It seemed to me to be a void in the casting process and the machined boss adjacent to it appears to be compromised as it loses it's circumferenciality of the machined mating surface. Don't want to be "chicken little", but also don't want to install a bad part.
Doug Baker

Is this the notch in the lip at the end of the MC? The old MC on my car has one - I also thought it was a chip/defect, but have read that it is intentional - drainage in case of a leak if I recall correctly.

Brent B

It on the end that bolts up to the fire wall. Maybe it's sealed internally there?? There is a rubber...something...that's inside the MC at that point. It'd be interesting to know it's intended purpose.
Doug Baker

Doug, I'm notchless. John.
john eckland

Doug, let me be more specific. I see no notch on the outside of the flange where it meets the servo however, I can't recall if there was one on the inside of the flange. Kai supplied me with a tube of the red grease and advised me to pack the end of the master cylinder with it before attaching it to the servo. I've just looked at two other masters that I have. One's an original, and the other is one that I bought from TRF a couple of year's ago. (It didn't last long.) Both have notches on the inside of the flange. John.
john eckland

FYI MCs can be (re) sleeved. Had mine done and no problems. I do not recall how much..I think around 125 CDN and it was taken to Buffalo NY by a supplier here in Canada and returned to me for that price. If interested can get name for you.
Are you talking about Nickel/copper plated steel lines?
Rick C
Rick Crawford

I guess I gotta get a picture of this MC "notch" so y'all can see what I'm talking about. I'll try to do that. Rick Crawford, the choices for brake pipes that I saw were steel from TRF or cupro-nickel from Moss/LBCarco, but Wishbone offers another alternative that's mighty attractive...stainless steel pipes...pre-bent correctly. And the price is reasonable at $225 for a complete set. Kai will also refubish the servo with powder coating for $180/painted $140. All seem like good prices.

Rick I've emailed you a photo of the ss pipes.
Doug Baker

Wait - it's coming back to me. That groove is supposed to allow a leak in the back seal to drain "out" rather than go into the servo. It doesn't seem to work too well - must be the angle or the suction.
Brent B

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