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Triumph TR6 - Brake Servo Rebuild kit

I had the brake master cylinder off for a rebuild, and somehow convinced myself that the servo should come off to clean it up and give it a coat (or 8) of paint. I would have had it back in place yesterday but my wife had other things for me to do. Anyway, I am now wondering whether I should get the rebuild kit "while it is off". The workshop manual (Haynes - not sure about Bentley) says to replace the filter every few years, but nobody seems to sell just the filter. A couple of the parts suppliers have warnings that the rebuild kits are not much use... Anyway, is it worth spending $30+ on a rebuild kit (or $17 on an aftermarket one - any difference?) or am I just inventing things to do again - I already have a lot to get done before I am on the road!

I already know that I have shipwright's disease, so I thought I would ask the advice of those in the know before ordering the kit!

Thanks in advance

Alistair-If I remember correctly, the filter is just a piece of foam. The old one might be cleaned and reused if it hasn't turned to dust from age. Otherwise, a piece of foam could be used. I concur that the minor rebuild kit is pretty useless. You might want to read the Partco thread. Until recently, it was possible to get the servo rebuild for about $80+shipping. That was a deal. I am hoping that another rebuilder will be willing to cut the diaphragms which aren't available from other sources.
Berry Price
BTP Price

Hey Alistair- Lost your email. Stuff is sitting here and all of a sudden I get an apifiney (sic) Bean or Ground???? I shouldn't take things as certain.

Hi Don - sorry, but I am not sure what you mean??

Thanks to Berry for the reply, too!

Sorry Alisair, I meant Henry

What you been smokin' Don?
Rick Crawford

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