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Triumph TR6 - British Car Day/Bronte

Well folks, it is that time of year again for the biggest all British car show in North America.
Same place...Bronte Creek Provincial Park, Burlington Ontario. Go to TTC web site for details
I am going to try to arrange meeting places for BBSers so we can meet (on the way down/to) and drive to the park. So far meeting Pete R. at #24 and Trafalgar at 7:50AM. Anybody up to meeting up Shelburne way?...Chris T.?

I will be bringing some copies of the TR6 CD.
Rick C
Rick Crawford


Would like a copy of the CD, if I could. Will likely be manning the entrant's gate again this year with my wife.

I will have the furry face as it helps to keep the overall average amount of hair up, given its ongoing departure from the top of my head.

Best regards,

Leonard G Middleton

You got one. I am sure you will be over by your 6 at some point during the day. Drop by my 6 so we can meet and give you a copy. '71 TR6 Saphire blue front plate is original Ontario 1971 blue licence plate
804 90P....back plate is MY MSTRS.
See ya there.
Rick Crawford

If they don't call me to come in for a bone marrow transplant before the 17th, I plan to be at Bronte Creek. I'll be staying at my brother's place in Alliston. Who is coming down the 400 and at what time. Or is there a better way ?

Don Elliott
Don Elliott

It would be an honour to have you come down to Bronte with our wee group. Yes there is a better more scenic route. You have mail.
Rick Crawford

Well guys, the route is planned and the meeting places set. We will end up with 5 TR6s, a spit, and this year we will have Don Elliott joining us with his "first in class" TR3A.

If there is others in Ontario who wish to join us on the trek down to Bronte let me know via e-mail. Our basic route is Shelburne, Orangeville, Georgetown, Milton, then down HWY 25 to HWY 5.
I can only hope we have a day like last years.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

The day was absolutely perfect for a all Brit car show....well the morning drive was a little cool with the TOP DOWN...ya I will probably hear about this one little tiny itsy bitsy minuscule mistake:) We ended up with around 14 cars. I think we picked up Mati with his 6 and 2 others. I hope I got this right.... 2..TR3As, a spitfire,and 11 TR6s.
Wish I was standing on the side of the road to see that go by.
But wait...I here there was an incident on HWY 5. Something about a TR6 (not part of our group) and a RED TR6 (part of our group). It seems the TR6 tried to fly buy the other RED TR6. I got told about it at the park...something about hearing rubber in all 4 gears.
It seems that I just keep meeting other TR guys from the BBS and past BBS gettogethers. If you read this Bill Brayford, YOU where missed at the show.

It sure was nice to have Don Elliott join for the drive down. Don and I drove back up north together (top down ofcourse). On the way home I noticed that TRUSTY was all over my bumper (the rear one) as we took off from a light. I have an excuse Don...I was nursing an engine break in.
Speaking of bumpers, this time the front one. On the way down I just about had 2 unique exhaust pipes on the front of my six courtesy a RED TR6.

So now to the results of the show (for you guys that left early and this includes that RED TR6):
Don E. got second in class ( TR2,3, and 3A) congrats again Don. I got first in class (chrome bumper TR6). I thought Mike Petryschuk would have got an award for his beautifully restored 69 TR6. Mike told me what he did (replaced I think is a key word here) during his restoration. A REALLY good example of REAL effort to save a TR6 from the bone yard in the sky. You had a winner as far as I am concerened Mike.
Took a few .pics so will see if I can talk Charlie B. into posting them on his site.
Rick Crawford

Congrats Rick, and Don. Two beauties...the cars Rick, the cars!! It was a great day, and the drive down with all those TR's was great fun. By the way I didn't see any incident that you speak of Rick, but I sure heard 4 distinct "squaks" and what I thought was the smell of burnt rubber. Must have been some American muscle car.
Pete Russell

It was a great day. What a collection of fine motor cars. I was drooling all day. Congratulations to Rick and Don. I guess I will have to up my marketing campaign to see if I can place in this tough category. I thought everyone's was a winner.

Regarding the incident. I was towards the end of the group and saw this one TR6 come by us and then at the next light I heard the tire squeal. I was wondering what was up.

Michael S. Petryschuk


ahem....cough failed to mention the rubber bumper TR6....I am proud to state my 2 year restoration caught a few voters won 1st in its class...


Bobs76 6
Bob Craske

I am sorry I missed all the fun
sounds like the road was invasion of the conversions (ha ha)

Lets not get lost in all the awards folks its nice just to be nominated by the acedemy. No really congrats. I will be there next year 4 sure.

My apologies to you and in the same breath, a BIG congratulations to you. I guess my vote helped:)
Yes Marcello, you got the car owners name:)

Sorry was too busy blowing my own horn and making comments about a RED TR6.
I wish I could have gone up in a helicopter and taken a picture. It is SOOO difficult going around and judging (participants choice judging). Each mark has VERY MANY full restoration examples. Yes, the CARS! It was funny to see a group of TR4A owners with their table set up with wine and horsedourves. Did not see the same over at the RR owners area.
BUT the other part of the show is seeing old (young at heart:) friends again from this BBS and new friends who will definitely be competition should he up his marketing campaign:). Mike the word UP sounds like a plan for you next year...just kiddin' with ya'.
I am telling ya', you chaps who live close to Niagara falls or Detroit, have to come and see this show..heck, bring your 6.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Ok here is the scoop on the Red TR6 incident.
There was about 12 Triumphs in our train of cars heading to the British Car Day and were about ten minutes from the gates. I was about halfway in the pack. A red light split the group up so while I'm waiting for the lights to change this other red TR6 (not part of our train) pulls
up next to me in the second lane. I look over and we nod to one another, the light changes and I take off.
My only thought at this moment is I have to catch up with the rest of the pack cause I don't know how to get to the show from these back roads we are driving on. Buddy in the other red 6 mashes it to the floor, drops it in second and starts to pull ahead, I look over and he is smiling from ear to ear. Thinking about it now I could not have planned a better scenario, here's me in a
ridiculously over powered TR6, Buddy next to me wants to drag and we have a quarter mile of clear road in front
of us. It was so perfect, my lower brain kicked in.
It was fight or flight or both in this case. I was in
2nd by this time and buried the pedal, the tires squealed
and I launched in front of him, ran it up to 4500, 3rd,
tires squaked abit, up to the top and into 4th, no squak
this time. I had caught up to the the pack, laughing like
a fool and drunk on the endorphan rush I slowed down to let the other red 6 catch up. When he did he was laughing too but he also had this look on his face like " What the f---! How did you do that?" Ah the joys of owning a sleeper. We met up again at the show and had a good chat.
So there it is, only two squaks of the tires guys.

Christopher T.

My TR3A is stock (1991 cc) with 87,000 miles since I rebuilt the engine during the restoration from 1987 to 1990.

I was leading a red TR6 with a gutzy V-8 in it as we left a red light, he was behind me. Later, at the show, he came over and explained that he was surprized the way he had to floor his TR6 to keep up to me. Sorry Chris but I couldn't resist.

Don Elliott
Don Elliott

If we could only talk Chris in using more than 2 gears....HA HA. Kinda reminds me of a little Nash Rambler song.

Cool story Chris. HAY...when opportunity knocks,,go for it. I would love to have seen his expression as face as you blew by him:)
Rick C
Stock engine still being nursed.
Rick Crawford

Hey Chris - Did that guy in the other TR6 have a shaved head before this episode ? Or only afterwards ? Did he pull all his hair out ?

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

That's good Don, but he was just as bald before as after the race, I have to say that while Don's TR3 may have close to 90,000 on the clock since it's rebuild,
it has some real gonads. I saw it launch from a standing start and it was impressive. Driving behind a British car has such a wonderful scent, you just don't get that great
half raw gas/half oil smell from any other car anymore.
Smells like when I was a kid. Might be terrible for the environment but that is lost anyways.
Christopher T.

This thread was discussed between 08/09/2005 and 23/09/2005

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