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Triumph TR6 - British Car Week

To all,
As you know, this is British car Week...May 26 to June 3 and is the 10th anniversary of this week.
The official site:
Another good one:

Our local club kicked the week off with a showing of our cars at the local "farmers market" last Saturday. Then a nice drive and a final stop at a pub.

Yesterday it rained so tonight will get together with a buddy (he has a spit in being painted and just bought a turn key MGB...yes, I give him a hard time about this) and take the wives for a nice run.

Anyone else out they with an interesting story or nice drive story, lets hear it.

Rick Crawford

An interesting story?.. That would be my son running over a deer carcass, dragging it to his freinds house and having it dislodge from underneath the car when pulling back out of his freinds driveway thus leaving the mangled carcass for his freinds parents to find the next morning. All of this happened without him knowing. He said because it was dark and rainy and the exhaust broke, apparently when he hit the carcass, so he didn't see or hear anything. Kid's!!

Nice drive?.. Seems all I've been doing is driving the TR to the Dairy Queen (for Boston Coolers) with my wife. Does that count? The weather hasn't been great for the last couple of weekends so I'm sure better days are coming. Today is nice. I hope to get out later in the afternoon.

HP Henry Patterson

By the way.. my son was driving his Volvo 850..not my TR thank goodness.
HP Henry Patterson

Saturday morning (May 26) five other club members (Idaho British Car Club) took off for the Idaho central mountains, Lowman, ID to be exact,for breakfast. Great drive, an hour and 45 minutes. (the TR6 led most of the way) Along for the drive, an E-type, MGA, Midget, and an AH3000. Following along was a Mini(van) (The owner does have a mini, with a rusty floor pan problem. One day last week, taking off from a stop, the front seat mounts pulled through the rusty metal, laying both driver & passenger into the rear seat!)
Back to the drive, after breakfast, we were standing in the parking lot, heard a roar out on the highway, and a friend from Boise was driving by in his Ford. (See the picture) We waved him in, so he stopped for a few minutes, giving all a chance to drool, and take a picture or two.
To Scott Helms: Thank you for a wonderful plan (British Car Week) and the website to spread the word. The Idaho British Car Club has several cars featured on these pages, we think it's pretty cool!
happy moToRing!

Rod Nichols

UMMM.....nice Ford. That is definitely a ford I would like!
Like I have said. You chaps out west have some nice roads to drive on.
Sorry missed your SKYPE.
Rick Crawford

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