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Triumph TR6 - Bronte All British Car Show

To all ONTARIARIO members
OK, so who all is going to be at the big one this year? Don E...we know you like to drive your 3 so come on over!
Rick C
Rick Crawford


My wife Eileen & I are scheduled to man the North entrance from 8:30am to 10:30am. I'll be the short guy with the furry face and glasses. The furry face is to keep the average up given the short supply on top.
Hope to see you there.
LG Middleton

I'll be there most of the day,on registration. Normally there for setup the day before but attending a wedding using wedding cars sevenoaks this year. Red TR4a, no facial fur!
Simon R

Len & Simon
Well it looks like 3 from this BBS will be there.....I KNOW there are more of you out there who will be there hopelully without acquiring a piece of paper from your local friendly OPP:)
Len, I hear ya on keeping up the average:)
My wife Cheryl and I will be in MY MSTRS...a Saphire Blue '71 with a 1971 Ontario plate on the front.

See you both there...Len what are you driving?

Rick C
Rick Crawford

Hey Rick,
Going to try my best to get there.Chris
Christopher Trace

I'll be there! '73, Cherry Red, TZA 469. But don't get any closer than 10 feet, it doesn't bear close inspection. It's the car with the dark cloud over it.
Bryn (hopefully with girlfriend in passenger seat)

I heard that it's now on Saturday as well as the big show on Sunday. What happens on Saturday ? Can you fill me in on the details and times etc. ?

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Just got back from 3 days on the Maine coast (Ogunquit) and 4 days on the Cape. Eight dats and 1295 miles of fun and trouble-free enjoyment.
Don Elliott

This year the Provincial park is allowing camping for "participants" in the car show. Normally the park is a "day" park with no overnight camping. There is a Saturday drive in the country and a get together at Chris Walker's after the drive.
There is nothing else happening that I can see. For more info and driving directions go to:
There are plenty of hotels in the area. Best Western is close.

As you know, this is the biggie for Canada and the TTC. Heck, the amount you drive TRusty , it would be like driving around the block.
Hope to see you there.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

If I go, I'd love to camp there. I always camp when I travel alone. ie: three weeks camping to VTR in Portland, Oregon, 2 weeks to VTR Colorado, etc....

I checked the TTC site and there is nothing about Saturday. I'll ask Chris.

Don Elliott, Black 1958 TR3A with red interior
Don Elliott

Hi guys!

I've been away from the BBS for a short time now, I'm glad I returned to see this post. I hope to blow in with Isabel, but only for a short time (new Yorkie pup at home needs house training).

I have the red '76 with the repaired roof, rebuilt master cylinder, brake cylinder, slave cylinder, griding third gear, brake warning light that doesn't illuminate, door gaps, carbs with wrong o-rings etc.

It's been an iteresting first season. Please approach my car with caution and DO NOT TOUCH. I'd like to drive home if at all possible.



Sorry for not replying to you sooner, but been working in Atlantic Canada for the last two weeks. Between long hours of work, not having the URL for the site, and slow dial up connections (versus ADSL at home), I have been out of touch.

Not driving anything Triumph at this time. I have a bunch of boxes in the basement and in the garage, and a body and chassis elsewhere. Tub indicates it was built in June 1970. Yes, I bought a friend's basket case. Been trying to address the old issue of coordinating both money and time to occur simultaneous so I can move the project forward.

Hope to see you tomorrow.

LG Middleton

Update to the day...

What an absolute perfect day for a car show!!!
Left home at 6:00AM and drove down with 2 Land Rovers. Dwight Dyson, drove his Land Rover down instead of his TR3A...for a change I guess. He would have got a second for sure (will let you know who got first in a second). Plenty of time to do a quick clean up.
The sun was out for the entire day and was around 20*C (69*F). I heard there was over 1,100 all British vehicles name it, if made in the UK, it was there. Talk about some beautiful cars!!!! I heard a commment from a person during the awards presintation say it is the largest "all British car show" in North America.....for sure Canada. (feel free to correct me here if I am wrong:)
Well guys guess what. Don E. and TRusty where there. Met Don and we had a good yak. He had arrived Satuday and went for the country tour with members of the Toronto Triumph Club (TTC). Don camped at the park and was in "position # 1" for the earlier TRs. The first 2 rows where TR2 to TR 250. Third was chrome bumper TR6s and after that a sea of TR6s rubber bumpers. I was in row 3 at position #4....registration # was 29. Chris Trace arrived and we had a yak....thanks for the pen Chris:) Someone from this BBS came over to talk to me (talked to my wife)and I was off doing my judging...sorry I missed you. Simon, it was good to meet you also. Simon showed me his "scratch" on his RR bumper where he hit it in a spin while in a race. You do not see a lot of race ready TR4As around and a fine example of one I might add. Simon, I hope you get you SU carb problem sorted out. Like Chris suggested, test the flow of gas to the carbs.

OK, so here are the results. You guessed it, Don and TRusty took first in class for his TR3A. Don, congratulations to have a very nice TR3A. When Don got his award, the president of the TTC said: " Don came to this show instead of the one in Stowe Vermont because this show was further away". Glad to have finally met you Don and I am glad you came to this one.
In the class "TR6 chrome bumper" I got 2ND. This, I am pleased with.
It is always nice to meet people at shows. The interesting thing about shows is you get to talk to people who want to buy TRs. One fella who I talked with put a deposit down on a red TR6 that was for sale. If you can imagine this there was also a nice looking ground up restoration '74 TR6 for sale and he was asking $ CDN 26,500.00....something about left field comes to mind here.
For pics and info on the event (give the Web page guy time to post)go to:
For those of you who missed it..MAN you missed it!
But then there is next year.
Rick C

Rick Crawford

It was a great day, I even got a light sunburn.
Great to meet you guys and see Don again, lots of great cars to look at. I really liked the 1929 Bentlt 41/2 litre, and Steve McCutcheon's Italia.
I was half checking out the MGB GTs for sale but the prices seemed about 50% higher than I expected. I thought a decent car would be $5000 but it seems the owners didn't agree!
Simon R

Congrats Don and Rick

Mistress deserved first if I remember last years showing Rick. Must have been one nice TR that beat her.

At $26,500 for a non winner newer you had better get a re-evaluation for Mis's insurance?

I am really sorry I couldn't be there to meet the present day DonE Quixote and of course Trusty. Quite an adventurer considering the tail end of that hurricane might not have fizzled out? As I get close to 60. And I understand your retired for a while now, where do you get the energy Don?

Have you ever had a really bad trip? Trusty breakdowns or whatever that worried you? That little car and yourself could have put Triumph back in business in an earlier day?

I am off to Victoria BC Thursday to see daughter at UVIC for 5 days. I'm just like you an adventurer? Via Red Car/Air Canada/ Vancouver airport using airport transfers sevenoaks/bus/ferry/bus/hotel and back home. Lord knows what might happen!! Very worried about making all those connections to be honest??

GEEEEEz Don send me some of whatever you two are on. Need a boost here :)

Bill Brayford

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