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Triumph TR6 - Buffalo Postal Location

Greetings all,

Does anyone know of a place to have parcels/items shipped to in the Buffalo area, where us Canadians can then go down and pick up???

I had something shipped to a person who has a US postal box, who I THOUGHT was SECURE, but turns out it was rejected and returned to sender. Now have to pay more again and have it shipped good old US postal up here.

Would be real nice if I could find a place that is honest enuff to recieve and hold a package every now and then, or if anyone knows how to get a postal box or as such over the border.

And if you want to know why I dont just FED EX it up here, the brokerage fees thay charge are somewhere in between rape and our government taxes, and I just wont pay a 20 dollar brokerage fee for a 10 dollar item.

Ken Jackson

How about a WWW search on PO boxes in the US. I know there is this sevice in the US and most likely out by the airport using airport transfers sevenoaks in Buffalo.
You might want to ask Fed McEachern at BAS...he goes to Buffalo every week to pick up parts (at his PO Box???).
Rick C
Rick Crawford


I use CBI and highly recommend them...

They're about four minutes from the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls NY.

Rob...who found out about UPS's $72 brokerage fee the hard way.
R Brophy


will check out cbi,

and Rick can you give me a call if you dont mind, I emailed you my number the other day

Ken Jackson

Thanks Rob,

sounds like you have used them, any problems?, do you need to set up some sort of account? and the web indicates you can do occasional parcels.

Wonder how many of us out there would benefit from this service if we somehow managed a group box spot.

Just a thought

Ken Jackson

Hi Ken

My employer maintains a box number at CBI and they are very good about letting me use it occasionally. I pay the (very minimal) package fees whenever I pick up a parcel to save the company some paperwork.

I have never had or heard of a problem with CBI. We've (work) had a box with them for all of the twelve years I've been with the company.

The folks at CBI are very friendly...just phone them and ask.

Don't forget to post your findings. I'm sure others would like to screw UPS out of its $70 brokerage fee.

It also speeds up delivery. I've been getting packages from The Roadster Factory in as little as three days. Canada Post eat your heart out.

R Brophy

Did not get your e-mail so I will send one to you.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

You can also ship packages to a hotel (Marriott, Hilton) as long as you address it as "Mr xx arriving on date xxx" most have some sort of business office on the property.
Some hotels will charge a small fee per package + tip. I do this when attending conventions.
You don't need to check in.
Good luck,
Tom C

Just a quick up-date,

had my first part shipped to CBI, its there waiting for pick up, cost is a very reasonable $5 and change per parcel for the occational item, but will be looking into account details when I pick it up.
Their customer service seems top notch.

Ken Jackson

I have seen adverts on the tube re mailboxes. the company MAILBOXES ETC. looks like it was taken over by UPS.
A delivery company and mailbox all in one!
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Good day gentle Geese,

I've never had an issue MAILING (United States Postal Circus) to our Canadian friends.

There are no brokerage fees, they will take quite large/heavy items , it all seems to work very well.

Not only that, the prices are quite reasonable.


Jim Deatsch

This thread was discussed between 28/09/2005 and 22/10/2005

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