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Triumph TR6 - Bumpers & Overriders

This weekend sees the frame and the body of the 75 departing since they were first joined 30 years ago. I know its a wee bit premature, but as I had major problems removing the butt ugly overriders (USA requirement), I was considering for the rebuild not to put them back on.

So TR6 folks out there in Triumph land your thoughts please.

lw gilholme

Consider the parking lot dilemma. I removed the front overriders from my 74 and I now have a trailer hitch dimple where the right one would have been. I like the look "without" and I like the protection "with". I also feel that "with" makes the car appear longer and leaner. I removed one of the "rears", for a look, in 10 min and spent an hour reassembling.
"Steve" C.
Steve Crosby

I have seen cars that have had the overiders removed and unfortunately the cutout in the bumper that becomes visible sort of sticks out like a sore thumb. To me it just doesn't look right. Personally I think the big blobs are kind of okay. Mine is a 73 which I like the clean look of (pre overiders). But I also like the newer 75's an 76's where the front turn signal lamps are above the bumper and of course the overiders with the license plate frame in between. Looks nice to me.

HP Henry Patterson

I took mine off my '74 and I think it looks much nicer. When you take them off the rear, you need to add shims to locate the bumper correctly. I used suspension alignment shims.
Tim Brand


I've just got my '76 back together after painting it and then spending 3 weeks in the USA driving a boat and wishing I was driving a TR but the point is this; I fully intended to take off the overriders when reassembling the car but like Steve mentioned above - some dork is bound to hit me with a hitch or ram me if I do take them off and then I'll be really PO'd. So.... I decided to leave them on. It's a '76 and that's the way they came from the factory. Having said that and sticking my neck out, I did not reinstall the stock luggage rack and the rear deck definitely looks muck cleaner without it - also easier to wash and wax it now. Regarding body panels, I have a friend who has had a rusty '76 in storage for 18 years and he just bought a Miata so he may be selling the TR6. A few years ago he bought four fenders from Victoria British that he did not unpack. He may sell them separately from the car so I'll check it out and let you know. Getting 4 fenders from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia should be a lot cheaper than sending them from California. Stay tuned.

'76 - 6
Bob Evans

I took off the overriders, the luggage rack and the front license plate holder, and the chrome "car badge holder" and the wiper blades. That is my style. I think the car looks better, cleaner.
If you would like, email your email address, I will send you a picture.
1974 TR6
French Blue.

R.M. Schnyder

Les, I have a 74 1/2, built Oct of 74 but registerd as a
75. I removed my overridders(over 50lbs of weight) and the bumpers were great underneath, there was no notch cut out. I had them re-chromed and they are lovely.
I think the early bumpers were the old ones with a bumperete attached, somewhere during 75 they started
notching the bumpers. I have to agree I do kind of like them but would never put them back on my car.
Christopher T.

Les, I removed the over-riders from my '75
and had the extra holes filled in by a good chrome shop before re-chroming. They look great, are much easier to clean, and best of all I'm not constantly running into them as I walk around the car. (I had a '69 for 16 years and got used to walking relatively close to the car.) Takes a bit of fiddling and some new bolts - an easy job. You'll forever thank yourself.
David Johnston


I believe that the true '74 cars were the only ones that required the notch in the rear bumper. Because of the way the overriders mounted you will need to install a spacer in order to maintain the proper relationship at the corner (side) mounts.

I have never seen a '74.5 without the overriders so I can not comment here.

The '75 & '76 did not have the notch and I do not recall using any spacers when putting the bumpers back on without those BIG & UGLY rubber things!


This thread was discussed between 25/08/2005 and 23/09/2005

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