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Triumph TR6 - busted emissions

70 TR6 Illinois car.
busted for carbons: standard 900 my car 2800.
Looking for thoughts for getting passed this bump in the road.
Plugs look lean already. Thinking maybe advance timing and crank mixture back?
Has clean oil. Recent summer fuel.
Stock setup with Pertronix EI.
Guy at testing blames my carbs : )
Was supposed to be simple idle test then they couldn't get that right so they went ahead and dyno'd poor car.
sucks.... : (

If all else fails I guess I could go for waiver, but that has pretty limited use clauses.

Ian Kinaid

Hi Ian

Have tried a search for your standards and can't find much.

Your 1970 would only have had canister and PCV. ? Maybe an EGR not sure about the last.

What standard are they testing by? Ask them. I have heard some of the idiots are using GM or Fords as a measure. Yes your Carbs are to blame. Not Rochester or Carter.

Don't know condition of your car but if its in reasonable running condition. For a 1970 import. I don't think there should be that large a spread? Between standard and car? If the damn thing runs well not spewing smoke thats about as good as it gets.

Some of the testing stations here in Ontario are questionable at best! Do you have a choice? And do you have a trusted Garage that you know real well? Many now have testing equipment that can check car to a certain extent.

Items that work.

Run the car high speed highway for an hour or more before test. Your car likely spends more time sitting being tuned and short runs. exhaust system gets loaded. Run burns it out somewhat. Then change oil and filter and pcv. Crank carbs full lean runable for test. Make sure car has run to hot after all work before test.

Be interested to know how much closer you get?

Gentlemen my opinion. For what its worth. The whole thing stinks worse than the air. There are way to many environmental lobbiests and activists. With lots of funding. Limited knowledge although many degree's. And way to much well paid time on there hands.

Just about any "clean" factory releases tons more noxious gases than 30 Classics or Hotrods sitting in there parking lots. All of the states and our Provinces have problems with Hydro generation. But you can be guaranteed that an inept government will do the smoke and mirror show while trying not to admit there are just way to many factorys and people in a small space. IE the Eastern and Western Seaboard.

We have ourselves to blame for not lobbying. And screaming bloody murder to our representatives. Or just moving West/East somewhat?


Bill Brayford

Ian- You still have to get a 33 year old car smog tested? Try registering in an other state or get car regietered as collectible if available in your state.
Don k.

Thanks guys.
Standards for IL 1970
HC 900 CO 9.0
my car 2876 & 8.9

yes engines tight, carbs freshly rebuilt. clean oil and filter. I had my timing pretty advanced around 16 BTDC. Rolled it back to about 0 and leaning them out. I'm going pay a local garage to give me a reading today. I'll post results. Yes I can get an exemption as a show/race car, but it's a hassle, need insurance documentation and limited driving affidavit.
Ian Kinaid


Retarded timing from about 16BTDC to 2ATDC
dialed carbs back. Ran like crap but scores in.
HC Standard 900 my car 218ppm
CO Standard 9.0 my car 7.2%
CO2 N/A my car 10.3%

get to spend rest of day making it run good again : )

Guess they use what they call a loaded idle test on the dyno here now. not sure if that was test center bs but last year they didn't do any of that stuff to my 75 mgb.

Anyway relieved for two years again.
Ian Kinaid

Glad you go it to pass.....
So many folks buy beautiful cars from other areas that do not have testing and find out that the emission devices have been removed. A very sad and expensive story to get them back into compliance.

Noth worth much when you have to tune them out of regulatory specs to make them run !! (Keeps folks employeed thats about it !)
Dave Gates

This thread was discussed between 16/06/2003 and 17/06/2003

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