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Triumph TR6 - Buyer's need to know

Can anyone advise me on what a buyer needs to know when buying a '70 TR6? IE, what to look for specific to a '70 TR6?


JM Morris

Jack, you have mail. Enjoy and good luck with your analysis and purchase if you so choose. From where in TN do you hail?
Doug Baker

Hello Jack,

My two cents advice, have it inspected by a good bri. cars mechanic.

Many parts could be expensive to fix.

but a fast check:

1- frame integrity
2- rust underneath
3- comp. test and oil leak from engine
4- rear diff. & hub status + rear diff. frame ( frequently broken)


Jean G.
J. G. Catford

Get in touch with the local club. Have one of them suggest a mechanic, or even have him look at it first.
Then he'll tell you if it's worth having an expert look at it

"Oil leak from engine"....Good God, it's British! It should leak!
JT White


JT, As we all know...if it is not leaking then it is out of oil. Has a program called " 6-Pack Surrogate Buyer's Guide." A member is willing to look at a TR6 for you and give you his opinion of the car. You need to be a member of the 6-Pack club. Probably THE best opinion you could get as he would have absolutely no current or future monetary interest.

Rick Crawford

Hello all! Thanks for your many suggestions. I should probably clarify that I have one to sell! When I sell it, I want to represent it as honestly as possible, hence my question. I want to inspect it closely in the areas that would be of the greatest concern to a TR6 buyer.

Doug--I'm in Chattanooga.

JT and Doug--believe it or not, this car hardly leaks any oil. (And I have other British cars that do!)

Jean--rear diff and hub status and rear diff frame--that's very useful since it's unique to the 6. I'll inspect closely.

I may try to post a few pictures of the critical areas for your opinions.



JM Morris

??? "own" a 70 TR6 and are unsure of what a perspective buyer should look at ???
JT White

JM- Not your job to tell the buyer what to look for.
Let him do the homework. Your job is to sell the product at what it is worth and maybe a little more. To much and it's hard to sleep at night.

And NEVER sell to a friend. That is if'n you wanna stay friends (in my best southern drawl)
JT White

LOL! JT--I probably should have worded my original post differently. I "inherited" this car the hard way. I loaned a family member the money to buy the car. He then lost interest about 6 months later still owing me money. So I returned what he had paid and took the car.

Don--Part of my problem is that I don't know what to ask for the car. If it's "good" or "bad" in the critical areas, that will help me set the price.
I'm assuming it will probably go to an enthusiast that will be a little more informed than the average buyer. So I'd like to have honest, accurate answers ready. I don't want any callbacks or accusations of misrepresentation.

Amen on never selling to a friend (or a family member, for that matter)!

JM Morris

I would guess prices run from $3500 for a non-runner in decent shape (thats what mine was 6 months ago) to $25000 for a restored car (one sold recently local for that NICELY restored)That being said when I was looking at mine the woman who sold it to me had several "triumph" club members come by and "low ball" her and give her ridiculous reasons for their low offers. She wanted $4200 and we settled on $3700 because the car hadn't run in over 9 years (it came with a rebuilt "J" type O/D transmission with receipt, separate from the working 4 speed in the car) one "club member" offered her $200 for the transmission alone...HaHA! Educating yourself is SMART to avoid the pitfalls of the fast talker/low offer. Know your stuff not to provide info but to avoid being duped. The woman I bought the car from was no dummy and stuck to her guns and I'm really pleased with the deal we struck.
JT White

I haven't posted on this site for awhile, but in reading your questions, I thought that the below link might help you in deciding an asking price. Len Drake buys and sells Brit cars, mostly sourced from dry US states. Have a look at his offerings (prices in CDN $). I Purchased my '74 TR6 from him, and I believe he is an honest straight up guy.
Good luck

Pete Russell

Jack... When I was buying a car 4 years ago I used Roger Williams' book "The Essential Buyer's Guide - Triumph TR6". I think it was around $20. It's about 60 pages with color illustrations / pix. It's well done and if the buyer has this book and has done his/her homework you will have a rough time answering the questions he/she has for you.

If you are not in a super rush and want to get up to speed quickly buy it and become a whiz kid before the other guy comes to kick your tires. I think I bought mine from ABE books - an on-line source for books.

Ken Shaddock

Thanks to all! This is great info. Now it's time to take lots of pictures.

Has anyone here ever had any experience with selling a car on e-bay? Is it worth the hassle?

JM Morris

Have sold stuff on eBay but not a car. Accurate description with no overlooked or misleading details in your ad should enable a clean exchange / transaction. You can access a world-wide marketplace which is very tempting but be prepared to respond via email with solid answers and pictures that tell it like it is. Shoot your pix in low resolution (say less than 2 megs) so you can more readily upload or mail.


BTW, is this MLB's Jack Morris who pitched for Detroit, Toronto, Cleveland, Minnisota before signing with the Reds?
Ken Shaddock

Hi, Ken. LOL! I used to get that a lot back in the 90's. But no--not me!

About 6 months ago, a retail store sales rep asked me the same question. He was disappointed to learn that I wasn't the real "McCoy". But he asked me to sign a note with "Keep 'em low and inside" for the technician in the backroom who apparently was a baseball nut. I don't know if he ever told him the truth or not. Sometimes it can be fun.

JM Morris

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