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Triumph TR6 - Camshaft problrm and replacement advice


I intend to repair my TR6 engine this winter as I faced an annoying problem. I had head rebuilt with some new valves and new steel valves guides. After initial start-up two exhaust valves seized in guides. The machine shop repaired it with new guides and valves and had discovered that a reamer is a good tool since. But my problem is a strange noise as engine rev. and some valve adjustment that doesn't hold. I could adjust valves and some loose rapidly adjustment. I suspect something wrong at cam level. My solution is to replace cam, followers, and change for bronze exhaust valve guide.

Replacing the cam, I want to know if there is a better cam choice than original without modifying valve train or should I keep the original cam specifications?

Thank you,

J. G. Catford

Scroll on down the list of threads to 11 October for "Road Cams." There are a number of different camshafts discussed plus references to some archived threads. BPNW has a Piper cam that you can get new that looks like a winner for all around use. Not too hot to be useful on the street, but a nice change in the old torque and power curves where you can use them.

This thread was discussed on 01/11/2006

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