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Triumph TR6 - Can someone 6'3' drive a TR?

I have had a life long dream of owning a TR6. I zeroed in a good car only to find that I can barely get into the driver seat. I am 6' 3" tall. The steering wheel digs into my right leg. As such I have to tilt that leg and then bend back to work the pedals. Any thoughts? Would a 14" wheel help and can the seat be shifted.

Is there any difference between the 72 seats and 73 seats as far as adjustability? Thanks. Sean

Welcome Sean. A 13-inch wheel will help legroom alot (I made this change on my six). As far as seat adjustability, you might be able to gain an inch or two of travel if you reposition the seat tracks. But that would be at the expense of less rake (squab) angle on the seat back. Interference with the wheel well is the limiting factor.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

I replaced the original seats with a slightly smaller type (Moss catalogue) and modified (read: dented) the rear wheel well to accomodate the seat back. I gained about 10 cm, the seat back is now against the rear bulkhead.
I had to replace my 205/70-15 rear tires for standard 185/78-15 to avoid slight rubbing of the tire to the wheel well at the far end of the suspension travel.
E. Creyghton

I don't have any trouble with my Tr6 and I am 6'3". Okay, I shrunk a little bit since I turned 50, just 3 years ago, but it isn't a big deal. I can't completely stretch out like I used to be able to with a 1963 MGB, but the sound and feel of the TR6 is so much more rewarding. You can do it! Relax, rake the seat back a bit, and enjoy.

This thread was discussed between 04/08/2003 and 15/08/2003

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