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Triumph TR6 - Can we discuss vendors?

Some BBS' actually prohibit discussions of vendors (positive or negative) lest someone become offended.

Is this the place to ask about GOOD vendors?

I'm interested in a luggage rack for my boot lid as well as other goodies.


Thanks as always,

Jim Deatsch

Hi Jim

I don't think there is any problem I have seen.

From your location TRF is probably closest major suplier. Armagh Pensylvania. In my opinion the best in US of majors. Get the parts catalogues if you order. Nope not a little flyer. 2 large fully illustrated build books. Pretty much the TR bible.

Back in the days when our dollar was in shooting range I always bought from them and had no problems. If you ask especialy about bright work products fit and finish the fella on the phone would tell you what he thought. Good and bad?

There are many locals. Including the sponsor of this bbs. "LBC" check him out on the sign on page. I rarely hear bad of any. Most of these guys love Brits and are trying to make a go of it combining Hobby and business. Many of the locals have sources the big guys don't have and a better product?

As you can imagine all are sourcing parts from manufacturers around the world. Sure ain't a Chevy :). Sometimes the pretty parts aren't the greatest but the only ones available? Ask and most will tell you.

I have an aluminum rack not the original stainless type. 20 years ago I liked it better. Held up way better than the cars frame I'm now working on as time permits?

Noticed the Victoria Brit mag has the "Original duplicate" stainless for 249.00 US now thats a lot for old shopping cart parts and a bit of weld. :)

My Opinion.

Bill Brayford

I'm with Bill in endorsing TRF-The Roadster Factory. They're online so you can order the books there. They also have a help line (telephone) in case you get tired of typing and long for the sound of a human voice. Just call when the sales lines are quiet enough for them to spend time (its not toll-free though).

TRF, this BBS, and Buckeye were the three biggest assets for my restoration project. Also bought parts on ebay until I realized that the bidders know their prices so well that I was paying retail half the I quit that one.

Mark Hauser

I use 'em all and don't really have any complaints.Moss service has been first class, though the prices are'nt always the best, but sometimes service wins when your beloved is down.You have to play them all - sometimes Vicky Brit has what others don't, TRF is fine too, but cannot supply all parts - takes a while to get it figured. Peter PS for what it's worth, I have given most of my money to Moss - quick, reliable, immediate refunds, and generally have everything, etc - depends on your preference and where you live. Peter
Peter Gooch

Thanks Guys,

I've placed an order with TRF for pieces. We'll see how it goes.

I tend to stick with one company if they give me good service and certainly pass on any info or tidbits on the transaction(s).

I'm a loyal customer.... unless.

Jim Deatsch

Although I'm quite happy with the quality of the products that TRF sells, I am very disappointed with the lengthy delivery time. Example - two back-up lenses and a couple of t-shirts which have been on back order since February. I also receive the sale catalogs after the sale is over, or with as little as a week to go!
I've found Moss to have a more complete inventory allbeit with slightly higher prices.
TRF is willing to ship by post where Moss uses UPS. UPS customs brokerage charge into Canada is quite high.
My mechanic - trained in Britain - has rejected rolling parts that I have purchased from Vicky Brit.
In the end its buyer beware. I try TRF first, then Moss and then go internet shopping. I haven't tried Rimmer (yet) because I'm afraid of the shipping costs.
Steve C
Steve Crosby

I've just placed an order with LBC.

Minimal stuff, $60 or so.

I just received a confirming email (today is the 8th of August) indicating...


Thanks very much for your order. Your order should be shipped the week of 8-15 (approx.) pending any backorders of course :). Once it is shipped you will receive notice with the tracking number from our UPS or DHL software.


Now, does the week of 8-15 mean that they will ship on the 11th which is the next business day after my order or just sometime in that week?


We'll see and I'll report.


Your dutiful reporter...

Jim Deatsch

I guess I'm in general agreement with the others -
First choice is usually TRF, but if not in stock,
Second choice is Moss.
I have ordered from Motorhead - they're first class.
I shy away from Vicky Brit.

Those are really all I've ordered from with the exception of specialty items from Good Parts. That's another first class operation.
Brent B

Many thanks for all the replies folks.

I believe in supporting the dealer(s) (apparently only one) that help with this BBS. I've just joined but have already gotten immeasurable help from you guys and I DO appreciate it.

I've also been in correspondence with Jeff (owner of LBC) and he tells me that the pieces I ordered (short of backorders) will ship late next week.

He IS in Pa. at TRF's party. Sigh. But that I were there as well.

Jim Deatsch

I've dealt mainly with LBCC and found them to be fast and reliable...usually always cheaper than Moss and since he's located in Michigan he will ship Canadian orders from Windsor which saves costs.

One more plus for TRF is in the backorder issue. They don't charge your credit card until the order comes in which I think is a big plus. And you can back out if the wait gets too long with no hassle or complaints from them. Not the same everywhere, but a policy that would be good for others to follow.

Mark Hauser

In my brief exposure I have used everything
VB, Moss, LBCC, TRF, and even ebay. I like all of them, the biggest plus to LBCC is Jeff and the personal service, very professional. His prices are always lower than Moss and the inventory is usually very good. EBay is a great tool if you know what you want, but always check the above suppliers for pricing so your ego doesn't get too carried away.
Regards, Keith
If it ever stops raining here I will be able to drive.
Northeast US


The good wx is on the way. You get what I just had and I just had nice! <G>

Jim Deatsch

My money ( and it was lots:) went to Jeff.
Never a problem. He is a MOSS distributor and so pretty well all his stuff comes from them. He does do shopping trips to the UK. Jeff is more a fan of MG so most his stock is for that LBC. His basement is literally full of shelving full of parts. He does carry a good array of TR parts. He orders virtually every day from MOSS and with the speed of courier services these days he gets his stuff the next, you get it shortly after that.
His prices are ALWAYS lower than MOSS and as Charlie says will bring the little box over the border and ship from his Windsor office.....Canada post:) This is a plus to us norther folk.
A happy camper with Jeff (LBCC).
Rick C
Rick Crawford


I'm a happy guy. Jeff at LBC squared me away. He knew I needed the pieces I ordered soonest and arranged that even though he was at TRF's summer party (taking a shower from what I hear).

I'm impressed! Instant service, great prices, and friendly service.

I've also ordered from TRF and gotten my parts quickly but when I had a question they've not responded (about a price differential) at all.

Personalized service is a great thing if you can combine that with pricing and shipping quickly.

There used to be a saying:
1. Fast
2. Good
3. Inexpensive

Pick any two.

Methinks it's time to change that to "just order from Jeff".

I'll be buying from Jeff and crew from now on.

Thanks for great service Jeff and courteous and informative emails. You've won a customer.

Jim (no association and Jeff didn't pay me a dime)
Jim Deatsch

Hi all and Jim of course the check is on the way (only kidding of course). Thanks for the nice compliments everyone I really appreciate it along with Dan, Caral, David, Jan and Annette here in my basement. <g> Boy it gets crowded.

TRF was great, a bit muddy as you all know I am sure, but what beautiful cars at the show Saturday night in downtown Indiana, PA. The setting was great and the evening hour was perfect even if it rained for a while. The water beading up on the cars was a nice touch too.

Hopefully Charles will continue on with the party next year and not take the break he has talked about.

Best Regards,

Jeff and Jan

Jeff Zorn

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