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Triumph TR6 - Can we rebuild lever shocks

I'm putting the rear end together and keep looking at those lever shocks and want to find a rebuild kit for them. Is that even possible? Does anyone know if kits are availble. I've checked major US parts companies, no luck.

How about in UK?



Walter- What part of the dry state of Wa. do you reside in?. I think that is covered in a cd about to be passed around among members. Join ,it's free and painless and if you can stand the jokes ,it is informative.
Don Kelly

Walter- Also try this

"Rear Lever Shocks - Antony Rhodes site describes the inner workings, improvments & adjustments for the Armstrong lever arm shocks.
Rear Lever Shock Rebuilds - Worldwide Auto Parts, 2517 Siefurth Road, Madison WI 608-223-9400 or 800-362-1025. Ask for Peter Caldwell."

Don't know if this is still current.
Don K.

The link has changerd. Here is correct one.

Walter, There was a chap in Canada (Ontario) that did this. I have sent him an e-mail asking if he still does this.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Hello, Thanks for the information. I'll check this out. Since I've used kits on brake cylinders, and clutch housing, I'm guessing somewhere there's a kit for sale. But sometimes the source would be considered a business secret.

I'll definitely join up here. I'm an original owner of a Blue 1972 TR6. Drove it every day until someone pulled across traffic in front of me on a highway without looking down the road. Totalled the car, no one hurt, took me three years to totally restore. Had it in a couple of shows around that time. Over last couple of years have had the engine rebuilt (roadster Factory), transmission and diff locally.

Oh yea, its red now, not one patch of blue left, inside or out.

Walter- You employed by that large software employer on the East side?

No, not MS. But as I look out my cube window I'm seeing one of their buildings, currently in Issaquah. I am in the medical SW business, 34 years.

I checked out the information you guys sent along, it's very good, I'll print this off at home and plan to remove one and see what I can do with it.

I joined the forum earlier today, thanks for the invite.


Walter et al,
If you are looking for a quality rebuilder not a diy try they rebuilt mine about 8 years ago no problems so far.
Keith Dixon

Hi Walter,
If your shocks are good and don't leak you might want to just flush / change the oil in them...go the the ARCHIVES type in lever shocks (for all years), scroll down to lever shocks and you'll see a thread where I tell how I did it.
Charlie B.

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