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Triumph TR6 - Car Cover

Any suggestion on car cover. I just picked up my first TR-6 on Saturday and I want to protect it from dust when it sits in the garage. I checked some of the on-line part supplier and there is a lot of different materials etc. I would mainly be used inside the garage but might come in handy when travelling and parking the car outside overnight.

S Demers

First off congratulations on your purchase. Tell us a little about her ( condition? year?). If she is '71 I need your commission number:)
Crappy tire has OK to good covers. Buy the smallest one you can get:) Do not go cheap as this will be the last car cover you buy. Make sure it breaths. This cover will be on her all winter. Store the car with top up and windows open half way. The material should be a fabric type not nylon.
Enjoy S

Make note here you southern neighbours...another Ontarioite.
S (name??) where are you in Ontariario? Did you go to Bronte car show?
Rick C
Rick Crawford


Thanks for the advice.

My car is a 74 in British Racing Green. Comm # CF20793U. It is in pretty good condition. The previous owner was very meticulous about keeping it clean and in good working order. The frame appears solid and only a few little rust spots on the body. It should fit my needs as I wasnít really into getting a show car but just a good driver to have some fun with.

Yes I was at Bronte, but at the time I was not an owner yet and could only drool at all the beautiful TR-6s in attendance.

As per the header line I am in Newmarket, Ontario.

Looking forward to learning more about the car from the people on this BBS.


Sylvain Demers

There is a bunch of us on this BBS that have both summer and winter gettogethers. As a matter of fact, this Sunday there is a wee group doing a Sunday drive and BBQ. You are welcome if you wish....I do not think Chris will mind me doing an invite. Chris is close to you W on HWY 9.
You should join this BBS. It is free and you will then have access to the ARCHIVES of 6 years of info.
Consider also joining TTC. I mean...when you are in need of parts there are several choices in the GTA.

We should all be so lucky that our only concern is what type of car cover should I get:)

When at Bronte, If you saw a blue (chrome bumper) TR6 under a tent, that was me.
Take care and again welcome aboard.
Rick C '71 TR6
Rick Crawford


Don't you mean 'southern neighbors'? Where did the extra 'u' come from?....Just kidding.

How's your engine been running since your rebuild?
I remember you had some overheat problem but apparently you got past that. I now have a whopping 350 miles since my rebuild. I guess too much work and not enough play.

HP Henry Patterson

Hi Rick,

I have joined the BBS and I am now a member of the TTC since I joined while at Bronte.

We were planning on doing the Kettleby Kruze on Sunday. Is that the get together you are talking about?

Ya I know the car cover is pretty lame but the car was so clean when I picked it up I jut wanted to keep it that clean.

I am sure I will be back with more interesting problems very soon. I just had the car out for the first real time this afternoon and did notice a problem stating when the engine is warmed up??? and the passenger seat belt is stuck???

Please you or Chris e-mail me the details about the Sunday get together. We would love to attend.


S Demers

Hey Rick:

Store with windows partially opened? Don't y'all ('murican word) have squirrels in Ont? Last spring, one of those critters ate a big hole in my Duravent car cover (nice,from Moss Motors, check it out Sylvain)). Seems the Duravent material makes really nice squirrel nest material when they chew out a big enough chunk. Anyway, I'm just glad the little bugger found the cover before he discovered my seats. TR's are probably not squirrel-proof anyway but I was going to store it covered with the windows up in an unheated garage.

Bob Evans

Obviously miles ahead of me:)
No not the same. Chris has mentioned the Kettleby Kruze, as our little BBS get together is only 3 cars strong. Would like to find out how far North their route takes them. No decision yet on joining the kruze. If not, I am sure you will have fun on the run.
I am sending e-mail off line. Some how/ some time need to give you a copy of the TR6CD. You might find it interesting.

"stating when the engine is warmed up??? "
Could be many problems. I have confessed many times, I am not an engine guy (but learning fast:). Maybe someone can offer up a wee fix. Maybe your damper oil is low in the carbs.

Henry, I can not help it if y'all down south tend to shorten the Queen's language:)
Got ya' beat lad. I have 480 miles since rebuild. I have a bad carb problem. She popps on deceleration and the occasional miss on idle. Seems to take a while before I can operate with choke all the way in. Re-set valve clearance (did not find out way out),removed and cleaned both Temp. compensators and set them up using the hot water and thermometer trick, Plugs slightly on the white side so enriched both carbs slightly, synced. both carbs, placed timing light on all spark plug wires and all gave steady flash (no miss), removed front dBPV and had to add a spacer in it to give me more pressure on the spring. I KNOW these DBPValves are my problem. But a rebuild of the carbs this winter is in order.
Other than that, she is great. My oil pressure is almost scary! Almost pegged at 100 when cold then down to around 70 when hot. What a difference from below 25 when hot!!!

Bob, Yup, and the smaller version that multiplies I think every month! MICE are more a problem for me. Have not found a cash of chestnuts hidden in the garage yet and I have a chestnut tree right beside the garage:) My purpose of windows 1/2 way is for air circulation. Moth balls might help.

Sorry bout' your thread going a little off course Sylvain. Tends to happen on this BBS.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

This thread was discussed between 26/09/2005 and 28/09/2005

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