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Triumph TR6 - Car Has Come Home to Where it was Purchased

Well, my 75 - 6 (father original owner) finally came home to London Ontario last weekend.

When my wife and I moved from Toronto (to London, ON) in May of this year, I finally got the Commanders (wifes) permission to take it in for needed tranny repairs (see copy of original post below).

Below is a summary of repairs. Im very happy and thankful that the shop in Oshawa (Brit Car Service, Phil Allen), got his permission to post his name) did a perfect job. I can recommend him without issue.

Once piece of advise that Phil gave me (along with a photocopy of the details / reasons why), is to never start the car with the clutch depressed. Apparently shortens the life expectancy of the Thrust Washer.

Now Im ready to meet the chaps in the London Brit Car Club. Oh yea, my father says hes still game for a drive (guess Ill be moving over to the passenger seat)! :-)

- countershaft gear rear bearing failure/collapse causing damage to countershaft hub carrier, thrust washers and countershaft.
- worn bearings input and output shaft
- chipped teeth on reverse gear, (first and second synchro hub)
- severely worn clutch release shaft, bushings, fork pins and broken fork taper pin
- broken release bearing sleeve and severely damaged/collapsed clutch release bearing
- clutch plate worn down to rivets, damaged pressure plate/diaphragm and worn input shaft (flywheel) bush
- damaged starter ring gear
- rear hub bearing left hand side (assembly rebuild with new bearings and seals)
- front brake pad replacement
Originally posted Sept. 14, 2005
While in 2'nd (& holding the shifter), I could feel as if there was something moving freely with lateral play from within the gearbox. I geared up to 3'rd, noticing it not being properly smooth, still feeling through the shifter that there was movement within the gearbox. This is when there was sound coming from the tranny that sounded like metal dragging. It felt like the gearing was loosening. Then it began to be very dificult to shift in or out of any gears. Pulled over (not too far from home), found that reverse could be selected without problems, then noticed that the clutch was starting to engage "a little" while the clutch pedal was depressed. Also got a blast of what might have been the throw-out bearing noise. While turned off, I was able to select 1'st, start the car, and drive home in 1'st without stopping.

The lateral play I felt was if there were gear parts moving left to right (on a motor bike I could relate this to a gear selector fork moving freely along it's shaft). I can select all gears with the car off. I also have full fluid the clutch reservoir.

That's as best as I can describe it.
P Johnston

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