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Triumph TR6 - Car Radio

I am seeking to find a radio cassette player for a 74 Tr6 that will work without destroying the looks of the plinth. Any advise?

I installed a radio/cd player from a Honda Odessy with almost no problems. I did have to open the hole a bit and build a support ledge but that was it.
Dick Porter

It's harder & harder to find a decent looking dash unit with knobs on it. I have a Denon DCR-4170 that looks good & has power, but I'm sure you'd only find one of those "used".

What's harder is to get good sounding speakers in a TR6.

Brent B

My 72 has a Pioneer KEH 1500 super tuner as far as I can tell there were no mods. necessary for the install as this is a circa 1988 unit it would be found used also. It is next to impossible to find a radio with knobs IMHO that will work in the manner we are accustomed to. The dimensions of this unit are (all inches) 7Wx2-1/4Hx5-7/8D try to get a unit that will pump 20watts per channel minimum. Maybe available from an ebay source or try decent search by model page but may not go back to early 70's.
On the subject of speakers my front kidney pads will except a wide variety of good single or double element speakers. I don't remember the brand that I have but the things to bewary of are outside diameter inside depth and outside grill intrusion into the footwell. Mine are a great little 2 element speaker that look as close to OE as possible fit was no problem if I find the damn box I will repost. In the rear I use a set of 4 ohm bokkshelf speakers
3-1/2H by 2W not as forcefull as you need at speed but good around town. (I usually listen to the music coming from under the Hood).
Keith Dixon

They are making some power amps that will slide into the glovebox or under pass. seat that might solve your problem. In the rear area I see alot of 6's and MGB's with boom box type speaker enclosures I think they look like Goose s--- some things that I have seen are good speakers witha full enclosure mounted on the rear floor area it is very hard to secure them back there I use double sided velcro tape in the rear.
Regards, Keith
Keith Dixon

At the risk of sacrilege, I guess you could always go junk yarding for some of those Miata seats with speakers in the headrest. The stock speaker locations are no good for proper sound and there are not a lot (zero perhaps?) of places where speakers can be mounted in TR6 that would have a prayer having really working well.

Good sound is important to me. The great TR6 exhaust note just isn't enough for long term listening pleasure! But I also didn't want to be so obvious that someone would filch my system the first time I parked in a higher risk area.

Some DPO butchered my '71's rear interior panel to install 4 cheap speakers. A couple had no surround left and the wiring was crap. I decided to do some woodworking and built a fitted enclosure for some fine 6x9's. It's a bit tight with the frame of the top when its down, but the black upholstery looks like it belongs.

The old Clarion deck that was in the car(Kenwood and Koss still make knob types, too) still worked OK, so I added a slim-line 200 Watt equalizer/booster to get the system up to war emergency volume! This I mounted on the gearbox cover with the controls peaking beneath the left side(kidney?) panel.

For a source, I located a neat little 10 disc changer by Sony that pumps its signal into an unused FM band. I found I could mount the changer up under the dash in front of the glove box. Perhaps not the easiest access, but simple to wire and un-noticable to the casual viewer.

Without totting it up precisely, the best $300 I've spent. (Thank you internet shopping!)
EC Smith

Mounted my radio/CD player in the glove box and left the original AM radio in place. Works well; not a huge inconvenience to open the glove box for access. Leveled the player out somewhat which created a space on top. Had to make a filler piece because I kept missing the slot for the CD and would lose them behind the unit. Also keeps things original for the purists out there.

Doug ('Gooseless in Edmonton')
Doug Campbell

Bill, upstate New York
I have a used but functioning Kenwood, cassette/AM/FM player that you are welcome to acquire if so desired. It is the type where the mounting is done by the tuning/volume shafts/knobs. I believe it requires only small adjustments to the console(basically a rectangular cutout about 4"x 2".
regards Brian's TR6
PS: I installed a JVC CD receiver with MP-3 capability by machining a cutout about 2"x6".
It looks great, sounds even better coupled with the Alpine 5 channel amp and 2 Pioneer two ways in the console and two Pioneer 2 ways on the back deck. I ocassionally slip the Infinity refernce 12" sub in the trunk in exchange for the spare tire. Ricers beware it ground pounds and goes too! LOL
B.R. Horne

My music starts when I turn the Ignition-key. That all I need.

30 year old AM/FM radio installed (original ?) with power booster behind it and 1 speaker in passenger leg space and 1 behind driver seat, all done by PO. Does not sound good. Don't need it anyway. TR sounds great !

Eric ,start of fall/winter season in The Netherlands, not much driver in the next months :(
Eric de Lange

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