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Triumph TR6 - car will not start

i have a 71 tr6 that will not start i have already replace the nedeles for the floats and fuel pump and blow out the line in the engine compartment so i think that there is something wrong with my fuel sending unit or that my fuel lines from the tank to the fuel pump are cloged, i came to this conclusion cause the car will start and run for about 10 seconds if you put fuel from a cantainer straight in to the carbs, i really have no clue i will probably be takeing to the mechanics with in 2 weeks i just wanted to see if i could fix it myself
jon boyce

My guess is your car has not run for a year or so and the fuel in the tank has gone stale. I've had this problem on a couple of occasions and solved it by adding a gallon or two of fresh petrol to the tank and cranking the engine until the new fuel filled the carbs. It can be a very puzzling fault!
peter cobbold

I having the same problem with my 73 what did you find in the end. once mine is running its fine, its just the intial start up. Gareth.

This thread was discussed between 17/04/1999 and 20/06/1999

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