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Triumph TR6 - Carb Advice Needed

Hello, all: I have had it with my Z.S. carbs and would like to convert my '73 US spec TR-6 from Z.S. to S.U. HS-6 carbs. My questions are where can I get them from other than Moss who want $900, which is, by the way, insane. Also, which needles are most converts running?
Any advice or comments on this topic would be greatly appreciated. I miss my car and want to drive it very soon. I am new to this board and I have searched and read all archives on this subject. Thanks in advance.
Robert Rutschman

Robert--See my post to the thread "Stromberg vrs Weber" regarding the Australian supplier for around US$350. I'm considering these myself. The $900. for HS6 kit is criminal.

Rick O.
72 TR6
Rick Orthen

the SU conversion is a highly recommendable one. I purchased my HS6's from Midel (in the land of Oz) for around $150 (I had some HS8's that wouldn't have easily worked my TR6 that I traded in to Midel). Bolted right on, modified the existing linkage to work (as I recall, all I did was enlarge one hole slightly to fit around the new connecting shaft) and bombs away. Went the extra step to hook up an O2 sensor in my header to figure out that I needed the slightly richer BAX needles that Midel also supplied for free. Terrific set-up, the sucking sound at full throttle sounds like a mini turbo. Plenty of power, and I haven't had to adjust them in 6 months. Gas milage: I just went on my first longish trip (500 miles in one day to play rugby in St Petersburg, Fla), and got 25 miles to the gallon cruising at 80-85 miles per hour. Not the best economy, but not bad either. Don't ask me what the around town milage is, as I have too much fun dragging civics and miatas at every light.
Let me know if you need pictures.
Geoff P

Robert- Your needle choice depends on the modifications to your motor. There are around 300+ choices of needles available to you, so that question needs more info and I would talk to whoever you get the SUs from. I got mine brand new from Moss UK.
Don K.

This board is fantastic-a gold mine of information. Thank you all for your help and advice! Geoff P: pictures would be great. Would you mind too much? The O2 sensor is an excellent idea-would be a tremendous help during tuning and selecting needles. My motor was recently nicely rebuilt before I purchased the car and it is completely stock save for the removal of the emissions gear. SUs and a dual pipe exhaust(perhaps Falcon SS) are next! I'll try S.U. Midel and then Moss U.K. Thanks again.
Robert Rutschman

A friend of mine purchased his HS6 set up for a TR250 from Burlen Fuel Systems in the UK. The web site is much better for BMC cars than Triumph, but it seems they have everything in their catalog. I don't remember the pricing, but I do remember him saying that it was lower from Burlen than the "normal" sources. Here is the URL:

Just got back from Road Atlanta (it's Walter Mittey Challenge time) and noticed that Ted Schumacher had a used TR6 manifold and HS6 set up. I didn't ask price or even note if it was a late or early manifold, but thought any one interested might want to contact him. URL for his shop follows:

On another note, we ran into some folks that we hadn't seen in while and they had their new prize out at the Mitty. It's the Group 44 XJS Trans Am car. Nice car, looked sharp, well prepared. The car had been run at Daytona and then freshened up when Group 44 decided to concentrate on the GTP effort. It was sold to a collector and had been sitting for all these years. Why report on the XJS Trans Am car on a Triumph site? The steering wheel had a Triumph shield badge. They said the car was like that when they got it and were told it was that way when purchased from Group 44.

Robert---- Like Rick said, check out the Australian supplier, when I e-mailed them, if I recall correctly, they quoted me something like US $ 290.00 plus an 85.00 delivery. However, on a side NOTE .... the problem I was having, and the reason I was considering Webers, was because I could not get those Zeneith to work! HA! well after frighting with them until the end.... all I did was got rid of the electronic ignition I had installed, went back to the old points and now it runs like a champ! It seems that once in a while some of the TR-6's won't take the electronics real well.
Abner TR6 73
AA Abner

Here is a low cost solution that requires a bit of your time and skill: Find three late 70's Volvo's at a pick-a-part junkyard and remove the SU HIF6 carbs. Total cost $50. Then order rebuild kits from Burlen fuel systems for about $150. Then order the tripple SU manifold complete with linkage for tripple SU's from "Goodparts" in the US - about $400. So for about $600 - $800 you have a set of tripples that will kick butt. Just as good as tripple webers to about 5000 rpm. The webers are better above that but the webers get poor gas mileage compared with an SU.
The HIF6 scenario gets really cheap if you just run duals on the stock manifold. The hard part is building your linkage.

I'm running a set of dual HD8's on my TR6. HD8's are obtainable from old Rovers and flow more than you need for your six. Moss carbs are for people that don't have a work shop and are not mechanically inclined and I don't mean that disparigingly - just that if you can do the work yourself, the TR6 experience can be in some cases a lot cheaper.

John Parfitt
73 TR6 Calgary, Canada
John Parfitt

John- I was once told that the HD8's don't fit under the hood unless you put a tr4 type bulge in it. Any truth to that statement?
Don K.

HD8's fit under the hood of a 73 TR6 without modifications to the bonnet. HOWEVER, the wheel-well sheet metal needs to be cut out and a square notch welded in. That gave me enough room to install a fiberglass air cleaner that runs to a cold air system.
To be honest, I wouldn't have done that - the previous owner did and it looks great. It was done by a professional.


73 TR6
John Parfitt

This thread was discussed between 25/04/2002 and 05/06/2002

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