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Triumph TR6 - Carb Heat Shield

I just bought a stainless heat shield for my TR6 and hope to install it before Christmas. It's a custom bit designed and manufactured by Joe & Sean Alexander of A.R.E. and was $45 USD shipped from Jesup, Iowa. For a look at the install, see (not my site however). The shield may eventually be offered via regular (Moss, TRF) sources. Joe is also working on aluminum engine plates and I think he also sells a nifty square drive wrench for the gearbox/sump NPT plugs.

You can send a message to Joe at if you want to explore it further. NFI whatsoever.
Rick Orthen

It looks good, any idea on what difference it makes to the running of the car ?
Charlie B.

Won't know if it makes a difference until next summer. I suppose it should help provide a cooler (and denser) fuel charge to the intake and quicker hot starts. At times, my TR seems to get 'flooded' when sitting after a run in hot weather.

I believe the heat shield concept was inititally embraced by racers.
Rick Orthen

You will also Find this in the christmas TRF the same price.Interesting to know how it would fit with headers.

Joe Alexander is a great guy! He vintage races a TR4 and has developed some nice goodies, but his greatest contribution to the Triumph world is that he is the founder of the "Friends of Triumph" an organisation for Triumph racers to talk, lend each other support etc., basically a chat forum for Triumph nuts.

It is so informal Joe refers to it as a "disorganization", and explains there are no membership fees because if you have fees you have to have rules(there aren't any) and meetings to discuss the rules, (there aren't any meetings either).

When I did a profile on him for the Toronto Triumph Club magazine he suggested his wife might be impressed if i referred to him as a "world famous vintage racer"!

Sorry all this is off topic, but I hope interesting.
Simon Rasmussen

is this a fourum that a non vintage racer could
eavesdrop in on? I promise I won't say a thing,
just listen and learn.
Christopher T.

Okay, I need a lesson in thermodynamics here. First, let me say that I do understand the basic principles of combustion and that the denser (cooler) your fuel, the more bang for the buck, so to speak.

My curiousity centers on shielding the carbs from the exhaust manifold and engine heat. This would, in theory, provide a cooler fuel (more dense) just prior to atomization. Fine and dandy, makes sense.

But, what do we do about all the latent heat gained by the fuel on its trip to the carbs? The fuel line runs next to the exhaust pipes from near the rear axle through the cruciform area to about even with the rear of the tranny. It then goes to the fuel pump and from the hugs the left side of the engine block, crosses in front of the cylinder head and on to the carbs. I would suspect that a great deal of the heat gained by the fuel prior to atomization actually occurs prior to reaching the carbs. . . .

Like I said, just curious.


Indiana Don--You are correct about the fuel's latent heat being on the rise anyway. Although the shield does not reduce this latent heat load, it certainly minimizes any additional load to the carb bodies via conduction/convection from the exhaust manifold. At least that's how I see it. Plus it looks cool and is a good conversation seed!
Rick Orthen

Don- Just do what I did. Don't use the stock path for the fuel line and it won't pick up any "latent" heat.

What is the symtem of fuel percolation?
Last summer my 6's idle dropped to stall at stop light when hot. I just turned up the idle and it's ok afterwards. Just wonder.
Paddy Kan

Also on Ebay;

Eric de Lange

The other function of the heat shield is to prevent hot air being used for induction, since cooler air is denser.
Also may help with mixture control as the engine warms up.
But you are right, a race car would not run the fuel line close to the block, and some use double fuel pumps and a return line so excess fuel returns to the fuel cell and cools down.
Simon Rasmussen

A couple of things...

I bought some Nomex tubing insulation years ago just because the metal fuel line runs so close to the head. It must work fine. Got it from Mcmaster-carr. Only issue is to smear silicone or something on the cut ends to keep them from unraveling.

I experimented a bit with heat shields/insulation when the triples were installed and found that 1) the carbs get hotter if the intake manifold on the trips is insulated, &2) they were'nt any cooler with the discharge manifold insulated. I concluded that conduction was from the head was the controlling factor, so unwrapped everything and ducted cool air into the carb region.

When a fluid is warmed or cooled, it's the "sensible" heat that's being changed. Latent heat involves a phase change, and ideally moves very large quantities of heat at constant temperature. A bait?
Brent B

I think the shield should help deflect radiant heat from getting to the carbs as much. At least while you're waiting in line to run the autocross with your hood up. Ah, to have a new Miata and sit there in air-conditioned comfort while you wait. Just kidding. A little.

Tom is acting suspiciously and should be watched. I think he is going to defect to the Miata side. If it can happen to Peter Egan, no one is immune.
Berry Price
BTP Price

I read a posting on a weber carb site that one suggestion for warmer climates is to add a valve to the water feed through the intake manifold and then turn off the feed during hot months,,,has anyone tried this?

Bob Craske

Bob- What's a hot month in your area?

Tom, I have a set of instructions on installing an original a/c unit on a TR-6. If you're interested, send me an email note. dbaker@aoldotcom
Doug Baker

Don K

well its not december for sure...almost too cold to work in the garage on the car! Hot this year was june/july/aug with lots of days in the 90's. add on some stop and go traffic and someitmes i sensed hesitation similar to a vapor lock.

Bob Craske

90"s. Are you sure that is not Ontario CA?

Chris, I tried to reply several days ago but the email didn't work....just sent it again, sorry about delay.

This thread was discussed between 28/11/2005 and 07/12/2005

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