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Triumph TR6 - carb. problems

I've had my 2 solex strombergs completely rebuilt, valves adjusted, and electric ignition installed in my '74 TR6, and I'm experiencing lumpy idle and a lot of snapping and snarling through the exhaust when I back off or release the throttle.My mechanic knows his trade better than most; but, we cannot get the carbs to retain a tune. I'm at my wits end and simply not enjoying driving my car of 34 years. Any ideas out there??
P. Noel

Are the dashpots filled? Mine was doing the same several years ago, found the dashpots were leaking past the o-ring, causing the backfiring. Check the archives.
Rod Nichols

It could also be a vacuum leak further down the line. Check hoses and both ends of the manifold. -Carefully- spray carb cleaner or something similar around potential leaks while the engine is running and listen for a change in idle.
Rob Brophy

Thanks for the info. Hoses seem o.k. but dashpots seem empty. How much oil do you put into them? I can't find any specs on this in my manual.
P. Noel

There probably is a measurement out there, bottom line is any extra will get sucked thru the intake, and you won't have to worry about it. After you fill 'em, check the next morning and see what the level is. In many cases, the oil will flow out overnight if the o-rings are bad. There is a thread in the archives about replacing the o-rings, and take care not to score the dashpot cylinder wall as you remove the retainers for the o-rings.
Good luck!
BTW....It snowed at the 5000 ft level...Idaho central mountains, supposed to freeze here in Boise tonight. :( Summer's over.
Rod Nichols

It takes very little oil for the dashpots...I use tranny fluid or a 10w30...assuming they are dry pour a wee bit at a time till you get to the point when you put the dashpot plunger in that the bottom of the knob has resistance about a 1/4" away from the top of the housing.....
They are designed to work from a dead stop to slow the carb piston from shooting up as you accelerate away..after that they don't do anything....not sure that will solve your problem
Charlie B.

Thanks to all who replied for the valuable information. I added oil and the car is running beautifully. Too bad Summer is over in this part of North America. ( actually, we didn't have a Summer).
My next big decision in the Spring will be whether to replace my old Michelin redlines with Diamondbacks or Universal tires; so, I'm looking forward to a comparison/contrast of the two brands. I've read the previous threads; but, I can't decide which is best. Hopefully, some of you will have an opinion. Cheers!
P. Noel

Well P. Noel... I am very happy with my Diamondback Redlines. I had a set of old Michelin Redlines on my 76 but to be honest they were unsafe and I wanted to keep the period look. Bill (owner of Diamondback Classics) was helpful/reassuring re correct selection. You may have read my thread so I won't ramble. Ask for a catalog to read over the winter. My homework said they were better than Cokers.

Keep the fluid topped up in those carbs. I too use tranny fluid.

Ken Shaddock

Charlie has given you the correct fill level.
The procedure on the net for replacing the O rings has an error in it. I have corrected the error on the copy that is in CDII. If you like, I will send you a copy of mine. Send me you e-mail address. My address is rjcassocatlynxdotorg....replace the at and dot with the appropriate symbols.

I have read that you can use ordinary engine oil and overfilling will do no harm.

Rick Crawford

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