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Triumph TR6 - Carb Trouble Again

Your assistance one more time, if you will.
1974 TR6 with ZS carbs. Been running generally very well, with the exception that I can get only about 12 miles to the gallon, but I had that one saved for later. Yesterday, out of the blue, whilst making a U-turn, the engine died. Thought nothing of it. Today, however, I can't even go around a corner at moderate speed, without the engine dying on me - no cough, no splutter, just a slight hesitation, and then nothing. The car starts up after a couple of cranks, usually while still rolling. Another, maybe totally unrelated symptom that also started yesterday, is that while at a traffic light, my idle gradually goes from 750 to 1200 rpm in about 60 seconds. This increase in idle sometimes happens when the engine is getting hot and the temperature valve kicks in, but my temperature and temperature valve are fine. While running, the engine is perfect, pulling hard and strong with no hiccups. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
P.S.: I have been smelling petrol, but I do not have any leaks.

Sounds like classic symptoms of either a leaking o-ring of the plug at the bottom of your float bowls. Or sticking needle valves inside your carbs.

Have you ever rebuilt the carbs? or are they still all original.

thanks for your reply. Carbs were rebuilt a year ago.

Sounds very similar to the problem I was having..

Left Turn ?? Loss of power.. Runs with choke out until a Stall.. This will gradually move into a loss of power at full tilt (or at least the way I experienced it)

Anyway never really diagnosed it but was able to actions items as they occured.. Which seem to have rectified problem

(1) Check Oil in Carbs.. Mine had an oil leak and caused one to run dry and possibly stick a float..
(2) Check fuel pump.. A Trick is when this happens and it won't run undo the screw holding the rubber hose and see if fuel will come out.. If none then You got Fuel delivery problems.. It should come out fairly strong.. Not little spurts (this will fill the bowl only so fast and in a turn it might be enough to starve the carb.. (I had to replace mine)
(3) Now with increased fuel pressure fuel began leaking out of the seal on the bowl.
(4) Worked fin for a while and then kept losing power.. Eventually was able to figure out it was missing and replaced points and cleaned (sandpaper) rotor and distributor.

It seems funny but I had this happen more and more often over a period of 3 years..

If you need anymore help email me at

Absolutely correct - everytime the engine died on me I was making either a left turn or a left U-turn. I've read your solutions, but do ideas as to why this happens?
Thanks- Geoff

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