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Triumph TR6 - Carbs leaking at choke?

Both carbs on my 70 TR6 decided to start leaking from the area where the choke screws on to the carb body. When I removed the choke from the front carb there was no gasket, but it stopped leaking. Upon removing the second choke it also stopped leaking when priming the fuel pump. I have a gasket set, but it does not show on the info sheet that the 70 carbs have a choke gasket. Should they have gaskets? I have a more pressing problem with replacing the front brakes and am trying not to have to go through a rebuild on the carbs first. Is there a simple explanation or fix. I can not believe that both would start leaking from the same place without an extenuating problem.
Bill Kinney

Hey, Bill.

I believe there is a gasket available in the rebuild kits, but ordinarily it's not necessary.

Mine's only leaked there when something's fouled the needle valve/Grose jet and it stays open. Your needle valves may be "weak" - you didn't just fill the tank up, did you?

Brent B

Brent, I recently replaced all rubber on gas line and also new filter. Is this an overflow situation and would it cause both to leak at the same time? Is there a way to clear the needle without a rebuild?

Thanks, Bill
Bill Kinney


I noticed that my carbs intend to leak when the car is started (with choke) and not fully heated up (shut-off with choke still on), cuasing an overflow situation.

When driven for a few miles there seems to be no problem.I guess its "normal"

Eric de Lange

I'd have to say it's NOT normal for the gas to leak out of the carbs...I have no problem with mine doing that..I think you should be looking into that problem before it gets worse.
Last year when I pulled off the highway and the idle dropped down I could smell was pouring out of every hole I'm sure on my rear carb..I discovered it would stop with high revs ( using the fuel faster than it could leak )) so I quickly drove home high revving at any stop till home. ( I'm sure people thought "Look at that &*^^&*& hot rodder !")
It turned out the little rubber tip in the needle valve that shuts off the fuel was broken off completely..maybe yours is partially broken ?? I since installed GROSE-JET type
Charlie Ballard

I agree - there shouldn't be gas leaking out of there.

Bill - If the tank was about full and both needle valves didn't hold well, the hydrostatic head in the tank WILL fill up the carbs. Ask me how I know....

I would pull the carbs and check or change out the needle valves (I prefer the Grose jets).

Brent B


Of course there should not be any leaking. Thanks for the info on the needle / Grose-jets. Was planning to rebuilt the carbs anyway, so will check this also.

Eric de Lange

I think Moss has the Grose jets again, now. The "quality is not quite as good as the original, they should last "forever", though.

Make sure to inspect them well if you get them. Hold them with the ball down and shake them. The ball should ALWAYS remain free. I ordered 2 a year ago (one for a spare) and on one of them the pocket in which the ball rests was just a bit too big and the ball jammed in it. I could free it, but it just jammed again - would have resulted in a flooded carb, no doubt. It got sent back. Other than that, those jets clean easily and give no trouble.

Brent B

For what it's worth, I was able to make my CDSEV choke valves leak by blowing into the fuel bowl via the vent valve port. This was discovered quite by accident while doing the vent valve adjustment procedure. So, if you have a leaky choke on a later carb, it could be due to a misadjusted vent valve. If the valve isn't adjusted properly (OPEN at idle, CLOSED off-idle), it can create performance problems including hard hot starts.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

This thread was discussed between 09/04/2004 and 19/04/2004

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