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Triumph TR6 - Carburation

I know that it is an old topic; but, is there any current input on
i) the Weber 45 MCHH carbs. Earlier responses seemed split as to whether they were the answer to carb woes.
ii) Has anyone installed the Patton TBI fuel injection system, and what is your experience.
I apologize for returning to this issue; but,I am looking to make the right choice.
P. Noel

Hello Mr NoŽl,

WEBER: TR6's owner want them for performance purpose mainly. I had mixed feelings on weber, as in previous owned cars, Renault, Fiat they were fine as long as they do not need repair. A friend was happy first after installation on his MGB but later it was a different story.

Patton's TBI was a good choice according to:

But if you look on Patton web site; it is mentioned smooth running, reliability and easy to find parts, but it is not a kit for performance.
It is why it is hard to compare both.

For myself, I would prefer TBI. Fuhtermore a TR6 kit is expensive considering you still have carburetters...


Jean G.

P.S: I am not familar with that carb 45 as on TR6 usually it is DGV32/36 or 40 DCOE used
J. G. Catford

Weber carbs. can be a pain if not jetted and adjusted correctly. I had a standard 2 DCOE weber set-up on an old alfa GTV I owned a few years back and I never had any trouble.
Why not go for the triple 40 DCOE set up for your TR?
This the road I'm taking with mine.
Kypros Christodoulides

I hope to have my TR6 startup later today with Rick Patton's tbi conversion. I'll give u an update.
I thought about doing it and investigated it for more than a year. Everyone who's done it seems to be very pleased.
Ian B Marlatt

P Noel, a few are running the new Webers and the more that do the better they will be to tune.
As for the Patton TBI.
My Wedge is running basically the same set up from just before the TBIs/ Carbs back.
It is a great set up and very tunable.
Mine uses a different computer program to send to the tuner.
It took about three emails back and forth with them to get the Wedge correct.

On the 6 I bought the complete set up from Rick but ended up making a TBI change. Instead of the reworks Stroms I was going to use ITB's (pic below).
I lanned on putting my compter in the boot attached to the tank panel.
Most put it under the seat but I thought the boot was better.

I say go with the FI as it is easier to upgrade the car and still have it drivable.
My goal was 6 ITB's which could very easily work

Good luck with what ever you choose

Don Kelly

I got delayed in finishing everything up on my conversion using Rick Patton's FI kit. Just tried to start it about an hour ago. No problem!! Running great! Can't drive it until a few other suspension parts are finished up & wheels put back on.
There really no issues at all during the installation.
Ian B Marlatt

This thread was discussed between 10/05/2012 and 14/05/2012

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