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Triumph TR6 - Carburetors NEEDED

I have posted on other boards but I will try here as well I just transplanted a 2.5L motor from a donor TR6 into a 69 GT6 however it arrived witout a set of Carbs so I'm in need of ether a set of Stromburg 175CD's or a pair of SU "HS6" complete with linkage nether need to be rebuilt however they do need to be rebuildable. I have the early intake 1969 - 71 just nothing to bolt on to. Any help in locating a set would be apprecieated. I do have one question could I bolt on the intake/carb setup from my now discarded 2.0L to check for leaks and that everything is working as it should knowing that this is just temp. Thanks Jeremiah
Jeremiah Randolph

Heres a set on ebay: better act fast:

There are usually others to had as well.
Andy Blackley


If the ebay thing does not work out, I have a spare set off a '74 and can probably put a linkage asembly together out of the spares bin. Please note that these are not rebuilt.


I have a rebuilt pair (by TRF) off of a 71) and they look beautiful. I also have a early intake that has been ceramic coated silver. Can't decide whether to keep them or sell em.

If Jeremiah's not interested, I might be. Send me a note offline with price etc. Also might you (or anyone else) have the little brass tag that goes on the front Carb? I have the rear but not the front for 175CD's on my 71.
Doug Baker

Send me some prices Don, Yellowdog
Jeremiah Randolph

Whoa Boys- Have been pondering this move ,and alot like marriage not something you jump into.
Doug- I haven't looked at them in a while but I do remember 1 tag. Don't know if it is still there.
I have to so some research and pics forLes on the heater subject so maybe I'll pull the setup and take sme shots of both. I know I have the old linkage and also all knew parts (minus rods ).


I sent an private email to your address that appears next to you name and it bounced back: "Unknown address or illegal alias". Got another???


Try the one listed is no longer go
Jeremiah Randolph

I have a set of triple Webbers 40DCOE that is in very good condition. I was going to put them on but don't decided against because I don't want have to change the exhaust and cam. The set is off of a 240z and comes with the intake for that car.

Thank you however I belive I will start out with a more conventional carb setup right now and after I know that everything else has been worked out then I may try the Webers besides I would need to find the correct intake for those carbs so I will pass for now however someone else may find a need for them Good luck
Jeremiah Randolph

Hi Jerimiah Have a set of Stromberg 175s with manifold and linkage all set to go with Standard air filter, These worked just great last year when I replaced them with Tripple 40 webers, Cross my palm with $150 and they are yours. call me on 772 284 2679 if you are interested Clive
Clive P


I'm also in the market for a set of 175 CD2's from a late car. I want to go with the Goodeparts setup for 3 Strombergs, but only have my two. I figure I need two more so I can tear one down before I rebuild them all. I'd like to reproduce my 1975 carb in this purchase so they are all the same... adjustable bypass valves etc.

If Jeremiah is already hooked up, and yours fit the bill, shoot me a note at my published email and I'll drop you a postal money order and shipping address. Anyone else with a late set in good shape, same offer.

My car is running strong right now--the carbs are better than ever following the changeout of the bypass valves and cleanup of the compensators. The idle is rock solid.
Kent Bracken

Kent go for it I think I have located what I need here locally so good luck
Jeremiah Randolph

This thread was discussed between 15/09/2005 and 21/09/2005

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