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Triumph TR6 - Carpet under liner/padding

Wondering about installation of jute underliner for carpeting the 70 TR6. I did not put any on my 68B but wondered if I should on the TR6. I am installing a dual monza exhaust and thought it may help deaden noise somewhat. When I pulled up the original carpet there wasn't any under it and wondered if it is helpful.
Bill Kinney

When I re-did mine I layed down two layers of jute with
a reflective foil liner under the carpet and I find it quieter and a little warmer driving in cool weather.
Punching holes through it for the seat was a bit tough but worth it .
Christopher Trace

I agree with Chris. I, however, only put down one layer. Obviously foil side towards the floor pans. If I recall, one role did the entire interiour including the tranny hump. Do not do the wheel arches. To cut the stuff, I used a pair of heavy duty snips..not scissors. You will also need to cut round holes for where the carpet snaps to the floor pan. The underlay is easily glued down with 3M trim adhesive spray can. Both items are available from your local auto supply.

Helpfull? Well it will not do any harm as far as heat and noise is concerned... that is for sure.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Thanks guys, I bought a jute kit from TRF and then had second thoughts if I wanted to use it. I will need some minor sill repair before long and I wasn't sure if I wanted to glue it down and then remove it.
Bill Kinney

I did not put it down on the sill..just to not worth the effort. If you want, do not glue it down towards outside of body so it can be pulled back for any repairs, or just simply lay it in on the floor pan area and then glue down later after repairs.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Further information:

There is a product called Reflectix which is available at Home Depot here in the States. It in a roll and costs about $24 or so. MORE than enough to do the undcarpet in a 6 or two.

It's aluminum foil/bubble wrap/aluminum foil. It's a heat reflector but works quite well for sound deadening as well.

I've used it in a couple of cars now and it's a fine product.


Jim Deatsch

Appreciate the info guys, and I think I will try the Reflectix, Thanks Jim
Bill Kinney

This thread was discussed between 29/09/2004 and 03/10/2004

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