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Triumph TR6 - Chemical Storage, A Cautionary Tale...

K&Nce many people here actually go get down and dirty with their cars, like myself, those people probably have a fair amount of chemicals sitting around. I
Steve Pike

Ah, Steve,
Glad it turned out well for you. I well know how bad bad could have been. Glass container are preferred over other materials for chemical storage if/when you can, but then you also need glass stoppers and not metal caps or tops, so it's back to plastic, but as you know better than the rest of us, the right kind of plastic. I like your idea of a surrounding container. I'm reminded of the compatibility tables for explosives since I used to be in that business. Maintain interline distance to preclude sympathetic detonation and segregate by compatibility groupings!!

Hope that the clean up was successful.
Doug Baker

This thread was discussed between 22/08/2008 and 23/08/2008

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