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Triumph TR6 - choke cable broke and carb leaking

UGH! I went to start up for the first time after a few weeks of rain. She started, but the when I adjusted the choke it came apart in my hand! Choke is fully engaged, I believe. Engine was idling at 1500. Also noticed the left carb had a steady drip of fuel while the engine ran. The diaphrams were just replaced, so maybe the float was just sticking.

Any thoughts on if this car is safe to drive 25 miles to the TR mechanic for a new choke cable? Anything I ought to do before driving?
Dan Pitzer

Hi Dan

The choke knob has 2 cables running to left side of each carb as seen from passenger fender. Just push each one to off position to take choke off.

Were is the drip coming from. Underneath or venturi opening. May be a bad O-ring on drain plug if underneath. Venturi may be caused by choke on.


Bill Brayford

Sorry missed the safe to drive. If you push chokes off. Will be as safe as it always was?

Chokes on only unsafe because you may stall in traffic.

Get the chokes off and check for the drip business. If it clears your OK. If it does not my only concern would be hot exhaust manifolds underneath.

Bill Brayford

If it is dripping from the chokes then you're probably right - the float needle valve is probably sticking open. I hate it when that happens.

You may get lucky with a quick drive up & down the road, or tapping the float chamber with a hammer handle, or you may have to pull it and clean/replace it.

I like the "Grose Jets". I think only Moss has them now. Went through 2 regular needle valves in 2 weeks on a carb, switched to Grose Jets and no problem since. HOWEVER - like most things, even the Grose Jets aren't made as well as before. I ordered 2 with the plan to keep one as a spare, but on one the "sleeve" that large ball drops into when open was too big and the ball jammed in it. Any bigger and the ball would have dropped out. That one went back to Moss.
Brent B

Thanks to Bill and Brent. I am going to limp this thing back to the guy who gets paid to fix 'em and try again with a new choke cable!
Dan Pitzer

replacing the choke cables are not a technically challenging job. Save your money and DIY. All you are doing is fishing a line through the pannel and grommets in the fire wall, then screwing the lock screw and snaping the clip on the cable housing.

As far as the leaking from the carbs I am ready to bet my mortgage (i'll throw in my first born as well) that it is coming from the push in drain plugs at the bottom of the carbs. Sounds like the O-rings have hardened up.

If gas is pouring out from the air intake and soaking your air filters then you have a bad needle valve or stuck float (though stuck floats are not that common as the other culprits

You guys ought to love this. I bought this car 2 years ago and it came with the usual box of extra stuff. I seemed to remember an intact choke cable (switch and all). I looked tonight and there it is! So since it doesn't seem like I can mess things up too much, I am going to attempt surgery this week.
Dan Pitzer


Before you use hit them with some cable lube. Motor Cycle shop ATV etc. best place to get. Make sure there free.

Don't clamp ouside casing to tight? Look at off point, get them moving equal and your done? No rocket science.

Bill Brayford

This thread was discussed between 08/06/2003 and 10/06/2003

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